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  1. I voted no. My point is until now PO is still a promise. Yes, this is one of the best kickstarter projects out there, the details in the advance is great and I can see the project looks on track but I always think you can have both: quantity and quality. You can say: but we've more developers, more people they can handle the job but the truth is the project get more complex. Every companion is going to affect the previus ones, some interactions aren't posible, some situations so the posibility of problems increases. The same for the new areas affecting the world so I prefer you deliver a smal
  2. The monk concept sounds to me like "If you damage me I'll delivery you a lot of pain. It's better to be far from me." I don't like it, sorry. Looks like a class where they want more pain to fight better. Not a good concept on my opinion.
  3. That's is right I've managed to travel 3 times the hard land of Arcanum, the main feeling is: Why? Why they didn't do it right? So an spiritual successor could be a perfect opportunity. I didn't play alpha protocol so maybe I've to start looking for it.
  4. Look at what inXile did with Torment. They don't have the IP rights to the Planescape franchise nor is the game in any way related to the PS:T setting or characters so they created a new IP. Now Arkanum is too close, the change of only one letter could be hit for copyright infringement but they can use other alterations like Arcane for example as part of a title. Again it would be a whole new world and all new character and an unrelated story but can live up to the feeling of the classic CRPG. That's exactly my feeling the main components are the steam-punk vs fantasy, the dialogue, the
  5. Ffordesson You know what? My main disapointment with Fallout 3 wasn't the interface or the first person perspective: It was the lack of reality and mature moral options. You're alone in the wasteland after a nuclear war, you find a women and you don't have any options about sex? ( I wan to be clear: not nothing graphic, just the suggestion o posility ). The children city, I just wanted finish the game but that's was really a boomer for me. The problem there is manager who put a lot of money want the maximum profit. They don't care about the fans, they wanted to keep game away from a ma
  6. I totally agree with more darkness is necesary. The idea of torches to exploration is great and they can add another thing: What about a difference in the vision capability from the races on the game? Maybe one race can see more in the dark than another, so if you've one on your party it's better to explore this areas.
  7. Osvir your analysis is very interesting. Thanks for call my attention to some projects I'm missed. We've some hope here from PE2 has a steampunk flavor on it. Still I think a worthy steampunk succesor for Arcanum is necessary.
  8. Any person who has this on their firm: ", but for you I am One of the Obsidian Order" can expect mercy
  9. Ah, ok is nice know from an insider ... but ... What??? you're not an obsidian employee so maybe I've to wait for another response
  10. Inxile haven't released Wasteland 2 yet but they kickestarted Torment. I used to think like you but read the "why now" in the kickstarter and they've a very good point: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inxile/torment-tides-of-numenera
  11. Ok. We've the spiritual succesor of Icewind Dale, Baldur Gates on PE. The postnuclear saga from Wasteland, Fallout 1 and 2 continues on Wasteland 2. Torment, oh Torment has now they own spiritual sucesor on Torment: Tides of Numenera So, just one is missing: Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. We need a new steampunk , isometric RPG on this revival. I think is Obsidian turn to make it
  12. I've to say I disagree with this points. The difference in reactions and dialogues is you have a high "beauty" is very interesting. I played 6 or 7 times arcanum one as half-ogre. I was able to buy anything without any cheat so I think the game was ok with this 750 gold manuals. The world was very interesting because is the only steam-punk Victorian world ever created for this kind of RPG. Just the clash between magic and machinery was very interesting. I don't care about the unbalance between mages and technicians, I love to be a tech in Arcanum, I play as mage just one to taste it. Th
  13. As a response I know about the difference between AmE and BrE but this is different, this isn't an inconvenience a lot of verbs as adjectives has a very different meaning, as example the verb "coger" for Spain that verb implies to take a thing in Argentina the uses of that verb implies to have sex.
  14. In general they make always the mistake Spanish=Spain so the translations are weird and awful. The differences are not subtle so I always prefer to play just in English.
  15. Previously I've say the translations are a waste of time specially for Spanish. Well Today I've visited the Spanish page for the project: http://eternity.obsidian.net/es/ Obsidian you translated for Spain , so? Well happens more than 400 millions of people talks Spanish in the world but just 47 million lives in Spain. The biggest quantity of spanish speakers lives in North, Central and South America: From Mexico to Argentina. That page for example use verbs and adjectives in the way just Spain uses it. This can be ok for the project page but not for the game. For a game with a lot of
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