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  1. I've put less than an hour in the game and have already had three distinct game breaking bugs. Had to restart the client a few times and I've had to restart my game twice because of broken save files. Playing on release date for any video game these last few years has always been a headache and this game is no exception. Normally I wouldn't even bother to make a post about something like this but all the hype from this game has led to a massive disappointment and now my time to play this game is getting delayed (again).
  2. Flashback to 1984 or thereabouts. Our first ever AD&D session. I was voted DM. We spent an entire Sunday lovingly crafting our characters. Even carefully drew portraits to the best of our ability. Then we set out for Adventure, using some prepared module, don't even remember what. Miraculously the party survives the first encounter with goblins or something. There's a chest. The thief checks for traps. I secretly roll, like, a 3. No traps found. He opens it. "As you open it, a small needle flicks out of the lock and jabs you in the wrist. Roll a saving throw against Poison." It's another 2
  3. They're just trying to find out what feels right for the game's combat. The last couple years hasn't been enough time. It's a shame there isn't a spiritual successor in this vein of gaming that could be used to shortcut a lot of their development time by simply copying the games that made this kickstarter earn almost four million dollars.
  4. "It just needs to get fixed. It just needs tweaking. It'll be good when it gets patched up. It's going to be good when it's working." Hey people that love defending this mess, guess what? This game was supposed to ship a while ago. It didn't because it was felt by the team that it wasn't ready and needed more work. The reason Sensuki is against this mechanic isn't just because of his personal opinion but because he recognizes that time is money, and money is limited with projects like like these. Every second being spent on implementing, fixing, and changing this mechanic could b
  5. We're in a beta test. Constructive criticism is key in aiding the developers in making this game work and feel right. Preferably with class and tact, but either way the truth is the truth and that's what they want. Having people tell them "I like it. It's fun." is appreciated in a socially obligatory aspect but ultimately not what they care to hear in this context. Imagine a chef that's trying to make the next best thing and some starving homeless person starts eating the food and constantly acknowledges that "it's good". That isn't doing anything for that poor chef's restaurant and he w
  6. I agree. The next patch better include explosions, exo suits, and Kevin Spacey.
  7. I know there's a lot of issues people are having with this game but my question is "does this game have any issues?". There's a lot of debate going on but it is usually a stark opposite stance just a different preference. The types of problems that this game has in regards to bugs are known, being addressed, and getting the proper attention in the form of the game's winter 2014 delay. In this current day and age you can't make a perfect game because *speaks in an elderly sage's voice* "Ones' garbage, is another's treasure." With that said I would like to voice my opinion on people's p
  8. It's funny to me the types of criticisms that Sensuki gets. "You always compare it to IE games." -Yeah no kidding, that's what this game is literally based off of. (One of the few times the word "literally" is used properly on the internet. Kind of like that mythological semicolon.) "It's rude to say you'll mod it in, kind of offensive to the developers." -If he's talking about changing minor UI elements because of them not being symmetrical or controls that go against the decade of muscle memory that the games this one is based off of have given us, then no it's not offensive. It'
  9. Now that you released the first video of the game, it's obviously to everyone's joy that the lighting effects are so brilliant. Since that wisp like character moved around and showed off the lighting it really got me thinking : How cool would it be to create caves or certain areas where there is literally no static lighting effects and it requires certain members to equip torches or use light spells? That would be so much fun if you can do something like that!
  10. Sorry I'm tardy to the party I just learned about this entire thing a few hours ago! I went through all of the updates and saw all of the videos...after spending a while crying tears of happiness I finally composed myself and decided to share my thoughts and express my thanks to all of the developers for continuing my favorite type of games! Thank you very much. ----Pathing---- -Pathing is massively important. In IE games I really disliked indoor / close corridors fighting because the characters would often waste time running in a wrong direction. It was especially annoying if a pi
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