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  1. That's because this game from the top down is basically designed to limit as much player agency as humanly possible while still being called a "game". It's easy for every design decision you see to simple ask "Will this limit me as a player?" and I guarantee your answer will almost always be a resounding "yes" whenever it comes to the design decisions Josh has made for this game. Take for example prebuffing, there's more than one way to limit and/or "improve" it than flat out not allowing a player to cast said buffs till combat starts. Anything from having short duration buffs to having buf
  2. I feel like being slightly honest tonight. I swear Sen I don't know where you get the patience some days but I'm rather glad you have it. For example, if I read between the lines of Obsidian basically never posting balance notes then I could extrapolate that they really don't care about high or even low level feedback of the beta backers because if they did care then they would post them. I don't think my reasoning is unfounded either considering that as Sen stated above even small indie developers can post patch logs with extensive balance changes listed for the world to see (and for a bet
  3. Apologies in advance for my slow responses as i'm a slow typer and I was knocked out cold for a while there. My engagement limit section is indeed proposed in order to allow the player a little more freedom of movement to do things but it does not completely nullify the engagement system entirely. Both you the player and enemies mobs do not necessarily have to have an engagement limit of only 1. It might be a limit of 2 or 3 hell it might even be 4 but it does allow you to "tie up" and interact with a set of mobs. The neat thing is it gave would give the engagement limit syst
  4. Well crap.. this is what I get for having to deal with a certain annoyance for most of my day. Yes, regarding the poll it "should" read. "Do you believe these fixes to the engagement system should be implemented into Pillars of Eternity?" I probably forgot to ask a "why?" as well. The devil is always in the details isn't it? As for what I proposed... well I tried to keep it mainly to fixes and some of the more obvious "corrections." As a sort of side effect it became a cohesive system that I could imagine in game. Right now, however, mechanically engagement is almost invisible and I don'
  5. As a foreword this post is going to be lengthy. It has been edited time and again to be as concise as possible but I have had no help in compiling it. I have been known to type lengthy posts but I can assure you this will be worth your time to read. Please read it's entirety before offering your vote and voicing any concerns you may have. Without further ado... The Premise As most of you know the engagement system in the Pillars of Eternity Backer Beta is a love it or hate it affair. The reasons are simple. For one, it is simply a new system that the old Infinity Engine games did n
  6. A "carbon copy" (BG series) of the second best "game" i've ever played in my life? .... Yea? If there was a kickstarter for a "spiritual successor" to Perfect Dark why the @#$% would I want a game that resembled a Call of Duty? Edit: As a sidenote, anyone know where to get the soul vessel for the ruins in Stormwall Gorge?
  7. More thoughts regarding the beta from me and because i'm a cranky cuss and really should give people their due diligence when they do right here's some more things I have noticed: - The ogre cave seriously looks amazing now. Even cooler that there's some animation effects built into the map now with the tiny, tiny, spiderlings (I assume) moving around in spots. The webs look great too. Helps that the spiders now move at a reasonable pace for a web based variant. Some spiders should move fast but one's with webs are only moderately fast usually. Still, if you've ever tried to catch a H
  8. Of course I say this and right after I notice a zone is completely missing and the other one I can't load into without a black screen. I'm trying here Obsidian.. I really am but I seriously wonder wth your QA guys do. Edit: Looks like black screen can be worked around by not saving and loading *cringes*. But you definitely forgot to load the crossing in this build . Oh there it is! But seriously... why the heck couldn't I unlock it on the northeastern corner exit? Well whatever i totally knew it had to be unlocked...
  9. Finally! A new build that gives me hope again. I have to say I was less than pleased with the last build. A ton of noticeable polish this time around. Stats finally have some oomph. Weapon damage has been normalized (which means might matters even more). Accuracy is (sometimes much) higher due to added talents to BB chars and Perception giving +2 per point. Slight damage boost to some spells (i believe) + new Might value... Yea i'm a lot happier. There are a few significant problems i'm noticing though. - Combat can feel like trash or complete awesome depending on your accura
  10. This thread is pretty much the "everything I hate about PoE combat" thread. Shevak's playstyle is an extremely boring playstyle that involves almost no forethought (other than party creation/level up choice) and little to no play skill. This would be perfectly fine on a difficulty like easy but on hard? You've got to be kidding me. Click drag, select enemy to left click then watch has to be the most droll combat i've literally ever seen. I've played visual novels with a more robust combat system (no i'm not joking). I have to thank Shevak though as I always sort of wondered wth kept both
  11. Finished up the "zone of control" section that I was working on that addressed movement while being engaged and disengagement attack triggers. Next up is the "engagement limit" section that should provide reasonable mobility options affected by player agency that still has "cost" associated with it (it would greatly improve one talent as well). I'm seeing a whole bunch of discussion in this thread regarding engagement and have noted that there isn't a single thing about the mechanic I won't have accounted for. Best yet, the system makes internal sense, is fairly robust and wouldn't be overl
  12. For those that are wondering about engagement being addressed. I'm currently at a 1000+ word proposal (and still very much going). I'll attach a poll to the idea so people can weigh in. it's basically a complete overhaul that would still make sense within the premises that the system was designed around. I just got finished with my zones of control section which gives a nod to a fellow obsidian forumite (who ironically I tend to disagree with). I sort of want Sen to review the ideas but I know he's very much against keeping the system at all. We do agree on a lot of things but we're stil
  13. Yeah I've never actually lost to Medreth, but I just reload when one of my characters gets KO'd because to me that's a loss. Because v333 was so different from v301 and I was so used to just auto attacking stuff doing nothing it was a bit of a cold shower like "oh I actually have to try now". Eventually I worked out how to easily beat it, just had to read that the Monk was dealing 120 damage per hit if I so much as hit him once with anything. Here's my idea anyway: I don't like either of the components of Melee Engagement - targeting clauses that make your units attack enemies when eng
  14. Sorry I wasn't really poking fun at you. Was more poking at beta testers saying the BB is "easy." Yea sure it's easy now but we've ALL made our fair share of idiot goofs to get to a level where it's now easy even on hard+ difficulties. It's high end meta knowledge requirement to even do what Shevak posted above. Took me exactly 2 tries on hard to down Medreth's group in v333 and the first time I almost won (only the cleric was left). Beat it after the second attempt with a paladin using one handed weapon style and a one-hander with a ton of health to spare. Getting "good" like this requir
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