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  1. That sounds like an excellent sandwich. Regardless, has anyone tried PMing Josh or Brandon? They're pretty good about responding. Eventually. I think they just have a lot on their plates right now, and disappointment with any physical goods is probably pretty low on the priority list as compared with their patches and such. Truly, I know many of us that have sent Brandon PM's have eventually gotten a response. His responses also tend to be faster for those that are [Diplomatic] about it.
  2. I actually did the Ogre level when I was level 5. It was brutal, and I very nearly didn't get through it. You may want to adjust your tactics. I recommend using Aloth to do some crowd control, or get GM to help out with status effects. Or you can wait until you level up a couple more times, but I've also gone through with a level 12 party and you can take quite a bit of damage if you're not careful.
  3. My thought is that if there were old gods, they left somewhere and kinda just left the wheel to do its thing. I could see an issue where the "old gods" tried to come back and found these, I guess artificial intelligence gods, in their place. They were unsurprisingly unhappy about that and are looking to take their place back, and mayhaps that's why Woedica is trying to shore up power because the "new gods" can't seem to come to a consensus on what to do about it. My thought is that Eothas, being a generally good guy, wanted to find a way to live alongside the old gods and Woedica, having
  4. I agree about the cat hair. The PE shirt attracts cat hair so violently that I sometimes become a cat. Nice shirt otherwise. I really like the mouse pad. Way better than the one I had been using.
  5. This. I enjoy resting for free. I wish it wasn't such a hassle (also that the bonuses were better).
  6. This is literally what I'm asking of you. You mistake directness for aggression.
  7. My problem is that based on the criticism you have barely played the game and haven't given it a chance. If you don't want to have to defend your criticism you could have sent a private message to one of the devs, yet you posted in an open forum.
  8. Then as a business owner I'd think you'd be more understanding of what can be done with a budget. This game is phenomenal considering what they had to work with. Is it perfect? No, but it's very good for what they had to work with. This sets them up to make even better expansions and sequels. I understand many of your criticisms, but this game was designed for everything to be possible. If you want free, unhindered exploration your game is gonna be Skyrim. These IE style games are about story as much as exploration, and following what very little you have to do to progress the main plot is
  9. It stands for Original Poster, so that would be you. edit: Ninja'd
  10. Atheists generally believe that all religions are man-made and manufactured in a very obvious fashion. The allegory here is not subtle. The religious establishment that Thaos represents is 1) a system of lies created for the purpose of control and domination, 2) relies on the premise that people are too weak-minded to bear the truth, 3) obscurantist to the extreme and hostile to "science", 4) entirely willing to commit atrocities in order to preserve the status quo, and 5) not only unnessecary for the world's peace and prosperity, but an active impediment thereto. These are the same arguments
  11. I think that's what the point they were trying to make with the gods are "fake." They're plenty real, but what really is the line between a god and an extremely powerful being?
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