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  1. Yea, I would say Priests are the one class that you absolutely need to succeed in POTD. Actually playing through POTD without a Priest would be real hard mode to me... and it's something i'm gonna try next play through
  2. I went and ordered 3 copies of POE2 the moment it was announced on fig. I am excited for the sequel, having completed the original twice in short succession, however I must say that the reason I did so was because of the game's excellent combat and class design. I am confident that POE2 will make improvements on combat mechanics compared to POE. However I am not so confident about the narrative design. Let me elaborate: The plot of POE was not necessarily bad, but I did not like the way it was delivered - through massive lore-dumps, continuous and incessant name-dropping of
  3. And it is completely un-noteworthy because the manner it was done was as a ret-connable choose-your-own-adventure backstory for a long-dead ghost which lasts for 5 minutes during the last legs of the game. She could be your sister, your lover, your senior that you looked up to, someone you betrayed etc. This for me had no emotional impact.
  4. That would just be sex/using sex appeal, which is rather mundane and not what makes romances compelling.
  5. I'd just like to jump in and say I enjoy romances, and I definitely think including it will help Obsidian sell more copies. Obsidian as far as I can tell is not really in healthy financial straits right now so they pretty much need all the help they can get. People seem to have this wrong-headed idea that including romance = fan service. It doesn't even need to be a romance between the player and an NPC. It could be cross-NPC romance. It could be a romance that never gets consummated. It could be a series-spanning relationship that gradually evolves with romantic overtures. GET CREATIVE!
  6. step 1: Bring a Cipher step 2: Take Mental Binding step 3: ??? step 4: instant easy mode!
  7. I'm just wondering here with many of the posts complaining about the quality of the physical goods, is this something we really should care about that much? I mean sure it was promised during the KS, but I think it was naive of OS and naive of the backers to think that this kind of thing could be done on budget and on time in high quality. It would have cost a fortune and detracted from resources that could go into the game... and all for a bunch of quaint trinkets that wouldn't count for much anyway if the game hadn't been good. The game's good enough, so what's a few pieces of cloth
  8. I said it before and I'll say it again: I do not expect to be loading this much in an isometric rpg when I load other first person 3d games much faster. If they can make things load faster with conventional 3d environments rather than the hand-drawn ones then I say toss out the hand drawn environments. No matter how pretty they are it's not worth the loading time hassle. Or maybe a compromise if there exists some way to turn down graphics settings.
  9. why do you think this is a bug? Wouldn't a dominated party member logically switch to the best weapon to turn on you with? If it was me and I wanted to avoid charmed/dominated party members turning on me I'd equip them with nothing but fists before the fight
  10. I finished the game triple crown on less than 10 rests with a party that included a cipher. Why don't you get back to me when you've done the same? Ciphers dominate on potd and you can pretty much fight on critical fatigue because the accuracy penalties count for nothing when you land mental binding. Please finish the game first before you make laughable assumptions on what difficulty other people play on.
  11. I had similar mis-forgivings about how vague Durance's (and Grieving Mother's) writing was. I'd chalk the inconsistencies about souls to the writers not thinking about the whole thing through, especially the ending. It sounds like "souls" is just a magical stop-gap that creates and solves plot problems. It probably doesn't help to think about it too much. Adra is material that holds souls... that much I gathered.
  12. 1 per encounter. If you proc it on a bunch of debuffed enemies it's gonna crit all of them and insta-gib. Cloudpiercer is also awesome for this reason. bonus: I have heard about, but not tried the bugged way in which this proc apparently interacts with the Barbarian's carnage passive, allowing each of the 3 procs of Jolt to trigger Carnage. P.S. CONFIRMED Azurewith's Stiletto and Carnage probably not interacting as intended. Interacts in the same way that Kakaloth's minor blights and Blast does (i.e. each instance of an aoe attack triggers its own aoe attack)
  13. The short answer is there is none. They're all good, and it's best to have each of your party members have a different one (there are 6 weapon specs, conveniently). There is at least one extremely powerful weapon for every single weapon type to be found somewhere in the game. Weapon specialisation is good. +6 Accuracy is effectively like +20% damage for your average starting level character with 30 Accuracy. Accuracy is also a very hard thing to buff. No stats affect it directly, and you only get it from leveling up and a handful of buffs which don't necessarily stack with one anothe
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