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  1. So I have been playing on medium because I used to play the old isometric RPGs (Baldur's Gate I & II, Icewind Dale II, Fallout I & II, NWN I & II), and I'm blown away at how hard some of the fights are. I'm currently doing the Bronze Beneath the Lake quest, and all of the fights that I have with Shadows are difficult if not impossible. The fights take ages but despite casting every buff and direct damage spell that I have available, the Shadows simply tank it all and kill all my party. Struggling to see where I'm going wrong, my party consists of the PC (a mage), the mage NPC, the priest NPC, the warrier NPC, the bard NPC and a custom created warrior NPC. I have decent equipment on everybody and I frequently pause the game to issue commands, but it still seems like all of combat is a terribly complicated and unexplained mess (there doesn't seem to be a way of seeing the to-hit rolls?). The buffs that I have available to me don't see to be very effective either, in fact most of the priest's spells seem pretty pointless, as does the bard. But every single spell and effect seems to be unique so it's not like the buffs in old IE games where you'd know that a spell would buff say strength (and therefore to-hit rolls and damage done) for a decent amount of time. Does it get any easier or am I doing something wrong? I'm honestly thinking of bailing on it because the combat system seems way more hardcore than I'm used to.
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