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  1. So upon updating the game on GoG now it seems that the barbarian talent "blood thirst" doesnt work anymore. after delivering killing blows it is not wavering the recovery at all. Is this a known bug?
  2. I felt the same way about this game. I feel like they ram the pirate theme down your throat a bit too much. There is nothing about pirates which I find interesting in any way, regardless of how they are portrayed in pop culture. That and several other reasons, I decide not to play this game. I did not particularly like it and quit about half way through. It just didn't appeal to me. Each to their own.
  3. lol the first time i ever fought Thaos I used charm on him from munacra arret and it actually hit, not even a graze but a full hit. After that I tried over and over to do the same thing and it never worked ever again. I probably could have won lotto that day.
  4. So stacking all these retaliation items isn't worth it? Are you saying that the most retaliation effects (not including barbaric retaliation, battleforged etc.) that you can stack from items is 2?
  5. Im too dumb to deal with adragans without having a priest or goldpact knight in the party lol. Just one adragan and you can blast them away with a single arquebus FoD shot but when there is three or more its just a pain. On PoTD I usually just have my priest put the protection against major afflictions on my fighter then charge them and frag them. I don't know how anyone can solo this game on a rogue on PoTD difficulty, it would have to be extremely tiresome.
  6. All that constitution is fantastic haha you don't even need to use a shield most of the time. Just use those boots which trigger consecrated ground, which get triggered very quickly on a barb, savage defiance and veterans recovery. If you have +50% healing recieved or more you just self heal like crazy and you have so much endurance and health with high CON that you can just use frenzy and not even worry about your HP.
  7. Runners wounding shot is actually really good, I never bothered with it until you started suggesting it on the forums and it is definately worth it for hard hitting weapons. What is using tidefall with goldpact knight to apply the dot with FoD then use runners wounding shot and envenomed strike. All the stacking dots are awesome numbers flying up like crazy.
  8. If everything seems 'OP' then the problem is leaning towards the actual encounters in the game and the difficulty's not being tuned properly. I have avoided doing a PoTD run because I know they haven't tuned it yet but even on hard the game just seems insanely easy compared to PoE 1 and I am not playing one of the popular broken combos.
  9. A balanced single player game shows that the producers actually care about the game and the experience that the players will receive. Alot of people will generally play the strongest and most broken build, and there is nothing wrong with that but to say that they should use willpower to refrain from that is denying them the right to experience that particular class/combo.
  10. Okay firstly does vulnerable attack work with retaliation? Also will retaliation from the following items all stack: Coat of Ill payment Hiro's mantle Sutra's supper plate Garodh's chorus Also does burning wounds tick from retaliation? I was thinking of making a barb which uses all of the above items and barbaric retaliation and still does good damage with bittercut. I don't like fire godlike mostly because I don't like letting my endurance get that low. I would prefer to use coastal aumaua for the innate resistance to stun and prone and also because they are friggin huge a
  11. Challenging trash mobs are fun imo but those small groups of ice beetles etc. you come across are kind of pointless. I guess the trash mobs help to flesh out zones and make them seem more 'wild' with random encounters.
  12. Paladin/priest would be extremely strong. You wouldn't be able to burn through groups as quickly as you could with barb/priest but you would have an easier time against dragons etc. Then again sacred immolation + shining beacon would provide some crazy aoe damage.
  13. Bleak walker paladin with dual bittercuts both with corrosive lash and spirit of decay is pretty cool. I don't find paladin's very fun to play but there is one build which Boeroer made which is pretty cool where you use a wood elf paladin and Munacra Arret then use sworn enemy and then charm them for a ridiculously long time.
  14. I found the problem with lowering resolve too much on barb is you get constantly interrupted, even when trying to activate savage defiance. But if you are going to do it having someone to cast holy meditation on your barb and/or using an item like belt of chimes really helps for this.
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