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  1. finished it on normal difficulty...it all depends on at which lvl you reach a fight but theres some stuff thats hard. lighthouse top level killed me god knows how often...spectres and shades the dragon at the temple in Act 4 isnt that hard if you dont get unlucky and he instagibs your squishys with his breath. thaos fight is a bitch due to the mechanics of the adds that make you loose control very often ogre druids are also a pain because of the bug that makes plague of insects have no timer
  2. Just finished the game for the first time and i must say that Act 4 was a major letdown....didnt feel to be in tune with the rest of the game. the quests you get from the gods are each done in a matter of minutes + travel time cant exactly put my finger on it but after descending the pit i was expecting an epic dungeoncrawl and not a "run through in 15min with some minor trash mobs" experience leading up to Thaos. thats kinda symptomatic for the entire act...just feels cheap and somewhat rushed compared to 1-3 also, imo, the Thaos fight has waaaaaaaaaaaay to many loss of control effects ... attempted it numerous times and more often then not half my party was dead from the first hit from the judge despite trying like hell to get away from melee... and then theres the actual ending...10min. of narration and thats it...it just doesnt feel like you've accomplished something big...sure, the narration tells you otherwise but the feeling after defeatint Thaos is just kinda...meh... oh, and for the record, without reading a lot of the non-main quest stuff it took 29h....
  3. just had a fight against a bunch of ogres in elmshore. it seems that the "Plague of Insects" that the ogre druids cast on you never ends. theres simply no timer on it...been out of combat for minutes and its still ticking. only ways to get rid of it is either to die or save & reload which makes it magically disappear. dont think this is working as inteded...makes the fight almost impossible
  4. im having the same issue but at a different point. transition from Act 2 to Act 2 has that exact same crash... annoying as hell since essentially i can start all over again as i cant progress any further...for the 2nd time now...first time was with the ranger pet bug...
  5. so my 2nd gamebreaker... just finished the dialogue sequence at the end of act 2 and the whole "the city blabla" narration is read and on the subsequent loading screen the game just hangs with a black screen musics playing and thats about it, nothing i can do ... this is getting somewhat annoying as that is now the second time i have to abandon a game...the first one after 6h and now after another 18h...
  6. 2 gamebreakers so far first one was about 6h in the wolf pet just going invisible...impossible to proceed second just now after 23h ... finishing act 2 and the game gets stuck on the loading screen ...
  7. It isn't. It really, REALLY isn't. And it is breaking the game completely for me. First time I loaded my ranger character the companion is gone. Since I am now reading that it doesn't only happen for companions but also followers, why would I want to make a new game if it will just happen all over again? Until there is a proper fix for this, PoE will have to sit in the dark corner of my Steam Library and remain unplayed. its not that bad when it happens to a follower since you can always just dismiss them via manageparty in the console. the pets sadly you cannot dismiss and therein lies the problem.
  8. hmm, add to my last post that apparently more than just the pet is broken. in the savegames that include this bug(all of them....grrrr) the ability bars for my chars also dont show up anymore...cmon...
  9. also just ran into this bug. pet is gone and i cant leave the zone. pretty much gamebreaking... not happy right now...
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