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Gameplay advise for <Grounded>:aggressive creatures and gameplay

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My steam account cannot get access for your game's forum so I come here to offer my advise for your masterpiece, hopefully it will be of some help.

1. Mite's action: they can sometimes bypass objects like grass and attack players, which seems unreasonable for me.

2. Spiders' action: I was spawn camped by a wolf spider for many times when I first try this game, could u plz add a safe zone for players, or limit these noob players' super predator's playground. It feels terrible for me to be  spawn killed by a GIANT SPIDER times after times.

3. Add camera lock for controller users: noobs like me can hardly hit a fly with controller (and with out a camera lock)

4. More guide, or split game mode into "free discover" and "story mode": currently when I get into games, it asks me to "find more evidence" then I wander around -> see a spider and run off -> see many mites -> see many Larvae -> I dead. I wonder if it is a good idea to shrink players' exploring range before they reach a certain equipment or story level ?  Or would you add more way point for "story mode" players or new players to help them avoid facing with too powerful enemy?

P.S. about insects' name: what is larva and what is gnat? If you wanna make it more educative, you can give them a more specific name, otherwise don't mind this P.S.

P.P.S. I recommend myself to help you with Chinese localization work - if you don't have a team to do this job. If you need a team, plz count me in!

OMGGGGGG I never expect Obsidian can make such a different game, is so cooooooool! looking forward to see its success, then you can buy Fallout back and teach Bethesda how to make fallout more fallout-like

Your sincerely, 
Jack Lyu

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2. Spiders' action: I was spawn camped by a wolf spider for many times

I had a similar experience at the Mysterious machine and because I had just started the game I was way too undergeared to put up a real fight.
And as the spiders health regenerate as soon as you break combat you cant really employ a "hit and run" tactic.

Perhaps the spiders should lose interest after X amount of time and move on to some other prey if they cannot attack the player? 




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Same experience with the spiders. I had a camper outside the Oak Tree Lab.

I'm taking a break from the game after a swarm of Larva attacked my base.

I feel completely defeated after they ransacked all my supplies and tore down every wall. Even though I'm early on still, I felt like I wouldn't be penalized for putting effort into resource gathering and establishing a base; after this experience, I feel like there's no reason to base-building. 

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I too am taking a break.  Even though my base was made of clay brick foundation four or five larva tore through it.  I was able to kill them eventually, but not before they trashed most of my stuff.  I know you can sleep at night to skip this problem, but the day goes by pretty fast, and night should be a time you can go inside and sort inventory and craft.  I don't feel my base is strong enough to be able to do this.  Maybe if I was playing multi-player it would be easier, but solo, it's not much fun to see you stuff get obliterated just because you don't want to skip the night cycle.

The spiders are too tough, or numerous.

Gear on your tool belt or armor you wear should not be in your backpack at the same time.

You should be able to switch tool/weapons with the mouse wheel, it's hard to move and fight with wasd and try to hit the correct weapon button or bandage with number keys.

Trail markers should be able to have a text description of what it's marking, or more relevant icons associated with resources.

You should be able to either move builds or deconstruct them for full value.  I hate building something in the wrong spot and either having to lose some of the resources to move it, or live with it because I don't want to go farm more to make up for the mistake.

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I played with two other people and we had larva and spiders almost constantly grieving our bases. Tried building in two different areas and kept getting enemies that would just smash right through the walls and the darn spiders would just stick their faces through the walls, see us, and start attacking to get to us.

One time we had eight larva and an orb weaver attack at once. They left each other alone and just kept coming after us. Of course we couldn't kill them all at once and got lucky the spider got bored and left eventually because it kept regenerating it's health.

I'm really enjoying this game, but when it gets to the point that making progress is nearly impossible, it makes us not want to play anymore. I just hope they make the spiders/bugs less aggro soon because they are just constantly looking for a fight.

Almost forgot, I also had a wolf spider spawn underneath one of my bases I built off the ground. I literally saw it spawn out of thin air as I was heading towards it. Granted, maybe it was "already there" and only just appeared when I got close but that's still a problem because those suckers are huge and overpowered.

Another problem I've seen is hostile bugs congregating around the controller between the three tripods. I don't know if it's just my game, but they'll just stand there not attacking each other until I get close then they'll come after me.

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