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  1. Phew... going through that entire topic was... something. So, my 2 cents: I'm personally torn apart - on one hand, I kinda knew that TOW will not get a day one release on GOG and as such I was willing to get it on Steam instead, provided it gets some sort of physical, CE edition release on PC. With Epic Store exclusivity I won't be getting any of that, so I might just as well wait until proper GOG release... Which brings me to "on the other hand". The Outer Worlds is a project I waited for longer, than I remember. A game helmed by a duo I owe much of my gaming (rpg specifically) tastes. A du
  2. I wan't to throw my money at you as well. Shame it won't be kickstarted, as I would love nothing more than having a copy signed by Mr Cain and Mr Boyarsky, but oh well... Can't have it all I guess. I should be grateful to the fates for a game with both of them at helm again (no ill will towards other members of Obsidian, I was just missing that "special flavour" that I couldn't find anywhere else since the days of oryginal Fallouts and Arcanum). Anyway, here's hoping there will be some sort of physical CE released, if only thanks to the Microsoft money flying around. God, did learning about i
  3. Every breath I take is a sin against the hope I had as a child

  4. Documentary about Witcher's humble beginnings. Mostly interviews with quite a few people that were involved with both the very first iteration of Witcher that we never got to see and the one that was later published by CDP when they got the rights from A. Sapkowski. It's in Polish, but there are English captions that must be good if English sites like Gamasutra and Kotaku are sharing it with their readers (whoever did them is much more educated in English than I am, if that's any indicator of quality) I loved it event though it takes almost 2 hours *DISCLAIMER* I am a supporter of the creat
  5. ...and I'll whisper "no"

  6. and here I am, sitting in the corner, hoping against all hope, that some day... SOME DAY! my uncannily inteligent and yet so blinded by self loathing and not-so-righteous anger half-ogre will drown the streets of Tarant in gnomish blood PS F me for watching that tech demo of Troika's unrealized post-apo rpg! ...again! lets out a powerless cry
  7. I've been always surprised how much I liked MoO3 over the first and second one. But controversial declarations aside: I'm on the same boat here. Personally, up to this point I wasn't even considering it possible, despite Night Dive Studios sorting out the IP nightmare. Now I'm just happy to see one of my beloved settings revisited by some of it's original creators. No matter the end result, I strongly believe that they just can't fail as much as EA did with Syndicate. So yeah - I'm cautiously optimistic, as in: "I'll better start hoarding money. You know, just in case."
  8. That is... intriguing! I haven't even considered other art style for TToN! Good God... looking now at some of Giraud's work. This is TToN. It has to! What have you done? I... I can't unsee that!
  9. Goddamn that like button, unmoved by my frantic clickfest! Aside from that, I would like to play something in the vein of Alpha Protocol someday again. And of course, being me, I wouldn't mind seeing a more tactical, squad oriented spin-off to the Fallout franchise. Preferably build in fully fledged cel-shading environment, if only because I always imagined those few pixel high character models from F1 and F2, being influenced by the work of Bruce Timm. Admittedly I'm biased, as fpp Fallouts were bit too much action-oriented for my taste and way too much revealing in terms of presentation
  10. Aaaw c'mon - Sawyer had his fun with PoE and NV! I call for a change of the guard - let's bring the Old Man from his comfortable, cozy spot and force into submission! Or... maybe ask really politely, while showering with words of praise and (more importantly) loads of cash through the means of KS. I promise I'll scream with all the might of caps lock at anyone, who would dare to ask why would they need to use KS again! Tim have all the right to do it, because I said so Oh, or they could use that FIG thingy? But jokes aside - I'm totally with you about Troika games. Arcanum was the only
  11. Can I throw my two cents into that wishing well? Since "Pillars of Eternity" and "Wasteland 2" happened, I long for a post-apo RPG under the direction of no other than Tim Cain himself. I don't even dare to dream about it having any connections to the Fallout franchise - I'm not that naive. That one is a lost cause to me and I more or less got over it. Don't get me wrong - I tried really hard, by which I mean buying every RPG they released since Morrowind, if only to get that bias "I paid for it, I should at least try enjoying it". Unfortunately they never meshed well with me and it's so b
  12. I'm here only to throw my two cents: Although being late to the party and barely scratched the surface of the game (just crawled back from the ruins of Eothas temple) I already happened to do something, that by ALL MEANS should cause at least some reaction from companions (and personal reputation maybe?) I have just murdered Aufra, Calisca's pregnant sister and neither Aloth or Eder even bats an eye. Soo... I can understand the complete lack of the reaction from the Gilded Vale - after all nobody from that god forsaken ****hole saw me doing it (well, aside from the cat, which I of course but
  13. Hmmm... I'm surprised that no one linked or compiled that one - sure, sure, it's a drow I KNOW <insert a sigh and an eyeroll here> but imho the colour palette fits what we are being offered when creating the Pale Elf. Also, the art style is just, juuuust close enough to how companions and NPCs portraits looks like, thanks to which I was not forced to restart my game after initial hour or two (like the OCDP part of me did so many times before). Unfortunately it lacks any facial hair http://fuuryoku.deviantart.com/art/Deadname-Eberron-Drow-31441961 BTW: I don't understa
  14. not in the mood

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