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[1.1. Beta] Brazilian localization - Persistent Major issues



A lot of issues appears to be fixed in the brazilian traslation of the game in this patch, and for that we are very thankful!

But there some big issues that affects the understand of the game mechanics and need to be fixed ASAP:


*STRENGH: It's listed that it only affects Weapon Damage and Fortitude, not that affects overall damage, healing and fortitude.

*RESOLVE: It's listed as if affects Healing and Spell durations in a negative way, not that affects "HOSTILE" effects only.

*Insight and Perception: Both are translated in the very same way, confunsing the player a lot during interactions, item and spells effects, very annoying.


Orther issues:

*Main menu: When starting a new game, the option to skip the intro is blank.



-Wood Elves are translated in 2 different ways (Elfo da Floresta, Elfo do Bosque)

-Island Aumaua are translated as Ilha Aumaua (Aumaua Island), as if referring to a place, not a race.

-Heath Orlan are translated in two different ways (Orlan Doméstico,Orlan Caseiro)

- Barbarian Corpse Eater sub-class is translated both as Necrófago and Come-Corpos


Minor Issues:

-The spell Pull of Eora should be translated as "Puxão de Eora" not "Puxar Eora".

-The spell Form of the Helpless Beast should be translated as "Forma da Criatura Indefesa" rather than "Forma da Fera Perdida" as it give impression of a lost monster, not a helpless one.

- The prone effect should be "Caído" not "Vunerável", as it may cause some confusion with other effects and descriptions in game.


Thank you!




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Hey DannSann,


We are working to get some localization in and fixed for our latest patch, and are working to continue getting localization for upcoming patches as well, so thank you for your post! 





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I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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