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  1. The initial text when staring a new game is skipped without the player doing anything. Only the first phrase is narrated, then it is skipped. Tested in english and it is normal, it seems to happen on ly and portuguese.
  2. I choose the Huana to preserve their culture in the Deadfire. I don't like the Valian work with luminous adra and slavers. The Principi are funny but too much in fight, and the RDC are too war-like for me. I just want peace.
  3. Greetings, There are some persitent issues with the brazilian portuguese translation since launch, minors but still persistent. *Island Aumaua sub-race description: Island Aumaua is translated as Aumaua's Island (Ilha Aumaua), the race is referred as a place. It should be "Aumaua da Ilha" or "Ilhéu Aumaua". *Recovery: It is tranlated as "Restauração" (Restoration), which is not accurate. It should be "Recuperação" as it's more accurate to a time taken between actions. Thank you for your time!
  4. Same here. Also noticed dificult while trying to navigate across the invetory tabs, unable to access some itens to vendors.
  5. The game continues to crash a lot. Can't play it in peace. I don't know what is causing it, i'm sending some files. 2018-08-04_173654.zip
  6. I don't know about mods, but there could be a quest where you could create a single grimoire, it does't break the new system and allow us more flexibility. Man, I would love to see this quest now!
  7. More translation errors and suggestions: -General: Most of the words needs a space after commas. Mostly in Item and Spells descriptions. - Insight Skill: Still translated in the exactly same way as Perception. It should be "Perspicácia" , as it make sense to the use of the skill. Need to be fixed ASAP, as it causes confusion in the game. -Damage Types: Most of the damage descriptions in game are somewhat wrong, mismatching the sentence. -Deflection: Should be "Deflexão" as "Desvio" makes absolutely no sense, given the context. -Character Sheet, Class Description: There is a mismatch in the character class description: "Nível 6 Mago" for example is wrong. It should be "Mago de Nível 6. " 6th Level Wizard should be " Mago de 6º Nível" instead of "6º Nível Mago". -Mechanics Skill effect Description: The description is fully mismatched and with errors. Instead of " Dificuldade de Desarme 1 armadilhas, Escolher dificuldade 1 fechaduras, +3 precisão da armadilha" it should be "Desarme de Armadilhas de Dificuldade 1, Arrombar Fechaduras de Dificuldade 1, +3 Precisão em Armadilhas. - Reputation: The description when losing or gaining reputation values are mismatched. Ao invés de "Menor Positivo Reputação ganha com a Garganta" for example, should it be " Ganho menor de Reputação positiva com a Garganta" -Skip the Intro Option: Should be " Inicie e pule a introdução" instead of "Comece e contorne a introdução". -Item and spell Descriptions: There a are a lot of mismatches and wrong translations, in almost every item, such... *Sound: Use and Impact should be translated to " No Uso" and "No impacto" , to indicate an effect of an action. *AoE: Ally AoE, Enemy AoE are mismatched in their translation. " Área de Efeito Aliada, Área de Efeito contra Inimigos ou AdE Aliada e AdE contra inimigos. * Hazard: "Zona de Risco" instead of Perigo (It makes no sense at all). *Imprecise Description: "-5 precisão com ataques de longo alcance do Arcabuz" instead of "-5 precisão de longo alcance com Arcabuz Ataques", again, mismatch.
  8. The game is almost umplayable for me, 4 crashes in less than 30 minutes, all in the Undercroft and Old City, the game freeze wih no response at all...
  9. This game crashes. A lot. I'm yet to discover what causes the constant crashes, for they occur in a variety of situations, such combat, entering or exiting a map or just walking across Neketaka. The game freezes, then crashes. Several perfomances issues make the game completely unstable. I play saving every 3 minutes, just waiing to a crash, I love this game and want to keep playing, this just need to be fixed. The Crash Logs ate atached. PoE II.zip
  10. A lot of issues appears to be fixed in the brazilian traslation of the game in this patch, and for that we are very thankful! But there some big issues that affects the understand of the game mechanics and need to be fixed ASAP: *STRENGH: It's listed that it only affects Weapon Damage and Fortitude, not that affects overall damage, healing and fortitude. *RESOLVE: It's listed as if affects Healing and Spell durations in a negative way, not that affects "HOSTILE" effects only. *Insight and Perception: Both are translated in the very same way, confunsing the player a lot during interactions, item and spells effects, very annoying. Orther issues: *Main menu: When starting a new game, the option to skip the intro is blank. *CHARACTER CREATION -Wood Elves are translated in 2 different ways (Elfo da Floresta, Elfo do Bosque) -Island Aumaua are translated as Ilha Aumaua (Aumaua Island), as if referring to a place, not a race. -Heath Orlan are translated in two different ways (Orlan Doméstico,Orlan Caseiro) - Barbarian Corpse Eater sub-class is translated both as Necrófago and Come-Corpos Minor Issues: -The spell Pull of Eora should be translated as "Puxão de Eora" not "Puxar Eora". -The spell Form of the Helpless Beast should be translated as "Forma da Criatura Indefesa" rather than "Forma da Fera Perdida" as it give impression of a lost monster, not a helpless one. - The prone effect should be "Caído" not "Vunerável", as it may cause some confusion with other effects and descriptions in game. Thank you!
  11. Guys, we're upset because of the retcon in the kind wayfarer ending, not the fact that she "could" be disgraced. She acts as if we never cared for her actions in the first game, and that ignore what many players didi in the first game.
  12. I think the font scale in Dialogues is too low. I know we do have an option to adjust the font scale, but then all the things in the game become gigantic, when my problem is only with the text boxes during dialogues. I think it could be a little bigger, more like in Pillars One... I don't know, it just bothers me, if compared to the rest of the text in the game, the dialogue seem to be too little. Anyone else?
  13. Just because you like your choice and want it to be good, doesn't mean that the choice is good. They're not deconsidering your options, you made your choices and now you'll have to live with the consequences. No one is forcing you to make any specific choice, and if you made a bad choice like you obviously did, then that's your own goddamn fault. The world doesn't operate on the basis of what you want to happen, why should this game? If read my other posts you'll undertand what I mean
  14. Well, just watched the Stream and Josh said that this was really intended, even if she is a Kind Wayfarer, she really loves the republics and want to make peace with it. So that's why she is somewhat angry. The problem, he said, is that she doesn't adress the Kind Wayfarers with the player and that is a little problem, but in the end of the day, Pallegina is a daughter of the republics and been taken away from it breaks her, as a caravan guard or as a Kind Wayfarer... So that's it!
  15. What is bothering me is that the Kind Wayfarer ending is being retconned, ignored, as if I never completed her quest, and thus, she was disgraced (Caravan guard ending instead). A character being angry with me about some decision I made, that's all right, choice and consequence and all, but a character being angry because something I never Actually did, is frustranting! It is just "Consequence" with no choice at all... They ignored my decision and put the worst state in the place and that is whatt bothers me...
  16. I really hate that. Pallegina in my playthrough is a Kind Wayfarer. I did what I thought was best for her and for the Dyrwood. I imported my save, and guess what, she is a disgraced soldier, she's sad and even angrier, like if I never cared for her in Pillars 1... So, if I want to Pallegina be happy in the Deadfire, I need to strenghten Dyrwood souls ( Make an pact with a god I personally dislike) JUST because they decide to desconsider my choice? Why bring a companion back in this way? Desconsidering options they give to players? What about the whole "Choice and Consequence" thing? Forcing me to make choices like that was not what I expected from obsidian, really sad...
  17. An odd fact in the Brazilian localization is that of a certain inconsistensy with terms in the overall lore, the same place, culture, character and such, happen to have multiple translations (For Example: Wood Elves are referred, in the same text, by three different names - Elfo da Floresta, Elfo do Bosque and Elfo da Madeira). This create confusion in the understanding of the game overall plot and lore. Another key fact is that the game mechanics are, unfortunately, a real mess. Classes, Spells, talents, abilities, weapons and armor, all are translataded directly, in a crude way, with little to nothing localization, affecting the context and cohesion, in fact, I had to switch to english to really undertand what was going on with my character again and again. The effects and descriptions are sometimes out of order, some terms make no sense (For example: Recovery is translated to Restauração, what should be Recuperação is translated to Restoration). In the other hand, the dialogues and the lore description in itens are fine, easy to understand and well localized, well, I have to get used to the name adaptations of some places and characters (Since I played PoE 1 in english!), but it is overall great. I know this is a HUGE game, with tons of words and things, I uderstand that is no easy task translating it, more even so with that many languages, but I really aprecciate the effort and the fact that Deadfire also came in my native language, making an already great experience even richier. Thank you! During my gameplay, I have indentified more issues with the brazlian portuguese localization, other than the ones I pointed above, wich are: *Legacy Creator: Translated but not localized. Kana is referred as female, it ask if we defeated Raedric in his "elevated" (?) form and if during never far from the queen, we used "disappointment" instead of Deception to deal with the Leaden Key (?). *Character Creation: Inconcistensy with classes, sub-classes and multi-class names in descriptions and texts. The same class is referred in several different ways during the creation like the Chanter and Barbarian. I could make an suggestion thread, to give some insights about some odd/wrong terms used in the game. I played the game for a long time, i'm familiar with the lore and characters and role playing games in general. Anyway, thanks again for the time!
  18. I'm playing the game in Brazilian portuguese and noticed some error in the translation: *Atributes description are wrong, Might and Resolve are with old descriptions like if Might/Strenght only affect weapon Dmg and Resolve affect Spell Damage/healing, like in the beta for some time, I tried the game in english and the descriptions were right. *Perception and Insight are translated in the same way, confusing me a lot during dialogues and interactions (Both are translated as "Percepção"). This issues with the localization can deeply affect gameplay in a terrible way.
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