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  1. Can you get the talent and then overload and destroy the machine, to get the happy ending slide? I wonder...
  2. Great, I can't temper the stupid Eyeless also, time to nitpick... Ugh.
  3. So, any Maneha ending slides? I haven't seen them anywhere. I chose to convince her keep her memory, will that result un a "good" ending slide? I suppose so. We will see.
  4. Guys, I am afraid Bogged Down doesn't give 2 ingots anymore, just 2000 coins. So... 34 total now.
  5. Could someone rework this maybe? Into a portrait? http://pre03.deviantart.net/c547/th/pre/i/2013/039/6/d/mongol_warrior_by_garcar-d5u7x8g.jpg
  6. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Endings#Stalwart_and_Abydon_.5BWM2.5D I was more interested in how does your decision to either end the Iron Flail or let them help you affects the ending slides, I think the wiki doesn't provide this information...
  7. I'm pretty sure this is not how these endings are connected. If you spare the Iron Flail you will never get a peaceful ending, I tried that. But perhaps they are connected somehow, I've seen another entry in the files where Stalwart stops working on the Forge but prospers as a traditional hunting town. So maybe if you save enough citizens, kill the Iron Flail and banish the Eyeless that's how you get it. But, personally, I already found my best endings, so I'm not gonna play through all that again just to test it. Old topic i know. but i feel like i should post this because this pretty m
  8. Aaah, thanks, it's great, but I already read more than half of them, it's not a problem hehe. And something I should mention, you can find all the dialogues in ogg vorbis format also, if you want to listen to them.
  9. Ok, there is a lot in the data files, but if you guys are looking just for the idle chit chat between companions like I was, the keyword is BANTER. Yeah, every file that contains this word will contain endless banter between the companions, fun times! Sometimes I have trouble recognizing who is supposed to be talking though. Anyway, just open them with the notepad and enjoy!
  10. That's great, I'll check it out. Do you think the quest editor would include the text I requested, or just quest dialogues? I had a look but I did not use it yet... Anyway, now I have some guidelines!
  11. Well, I know I am missing a lot of fun there. I don't change companions all the time in my party, so I am sure I am missing a lot of their interactions, while some others get repeated again and again for some reason, like the one of Sagani and the Devil of Caroc, about snares. I also think there are different interactions based on different pets, Sagani keeps telling her fox not to bother the cat... As you can see, I am curious of the rest of these interactions, where can I find them? Has anyone found them already in the game's files?
  12. To be honest, why aren't these actors not getting any more recognition? It's like songwriters... Weird.
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