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  1. Keep PoE-Vancian, get rid of camping supplies, replace with single use rest spots. Have the game auto-save right before a spot is consumed, so people can reload back when they screw up their resource rationing. Don't tell anyone you're doing this though, horrible players will complain and drop their pledge. Keep it as a nice surprise for release night.
  2. One of you steam people, please upload this somewhere. GoG and official portal still don't have it and I would love to have access to a reward I paid for.
  3. Are you sure that this: "I'm now thinking that Stalwart/Readceran situation is based on how you handle Abydon: Preserve > They don't get on and white forge work continues, Tempered > work continues in the White Forge and Readcerans are welcome, Send Eyeless to Wheel > White forge work stops and Readcerans are welcome at Stalwart." is not the case? Meaning, have you finished the game and gotten a combination that's different from the above? And, as with a lot of the PoE content, I'm not sure that it's a matter of "best". There are reasons a character would prefer others. It definitely is the most peaceful/prosperous ending for the Dyrwood though.
  4. I don't think those little altars were dedicated to specific gods. The twins say something about addressing the god closest to whatever altar, meaning they move around (though in game they never change). Eothas' constellation is probably not there because he's dead/hiding. Not too related, but I recall Eothas being referred to as a younger god somewhere, but I had a quick look at the collector's book and the wiki and there's not really anything there. Is this something that is brought up somewhere, or have I imagined it? Because from that + what we learn about the origin of the gods + Eothas/Woedica's crown symbolism I had a loose idea that Eothas had come about from Woedica's initial beatdown (that took away her status as leader among the gods, that Thaos was trying to undo) somehow, a kind of splinter of Woedica.
  5. Played another character to the end of the game after doing part 2 content: http://imgur.com/a/tANm7 On that playthrough I killed the Iron Flail people on sight. I'm now thinking that Stalwart/Readceran situation is based on how you handle Abydon: Preserve > They don't get on and white forge work continues, Tempered > work continues in the White Forge and Readcerans are welcome, Send Eyeless to Wheel > White forge work stops and Readcerans are welcome at Stalwart.
  6. I think the game also takes into account how you treat your allies before the final battle. I pissed off the ogre matron and she left, and then I got the bad slide about the ogres. I didn't resolve things peacefully with Readcerans so I don't know if you can influence their ending, but I've found this slide description in the game files: "With the Eyeless defeated, Stalwart redoubled its efforts to unlock the mysteries of Durgan steel and create new marvels upon the White Forge. However, the villagers also realized that they would never achieve their ambitions on their own. To that end, they set aside their grievances and welcomed newcomers - Dyrwoodan and Readceran alike - to their town." Worth checking out maybe? Also there was this: "Abydon was restored but tempered, and the compromise that he and Ondra sought played out in the Dyrwood, too. Skilled labor saw a revival in the Dyrwood, and the country's architects, engineers, and masons transformed the broken nation into a modern marvel. Defiance Bay was rebuilt into a grand capital, and the roads that connected the country were paved into broad highways." A compromise? Dunno how to get it either. Interesting. I managed to get the Raedceran's to help out in the final battle as well, so it seemed we were all cool, at least for that moment. They did not storm off or anything (IIRC, there were options to tell them you couldn't trust them or something, I imagine that would have made them leave). So can't pinpoint why they wouldn't get along with how I did it. The Abydon stuff could come from the final conversation with the eyeless, perhaps if you make a strong case for why starting anew is often a better course and then restore him. Here it is: http://i.imgur.com/MSM8SOy.gif
  7. I posted it on the Codex where you asked earlier, but might as well do so here as well: It could come from the Twins saying that the Court of Penitents was for the judgement of souls that refused to acknowledge the gods. It's still a little strange, the dialogue with Aloth seems to suggest that the Twins themselves put forward the idea that the gods aren't real, when all they really say is "some people were punished for believing/saying so long ago". Still, I don't think it really spoils what happens later. It is just an idea, you already know that there were others that thought similarly in the past. Iovarra speaks with far more certainty and authority and even then it's only with the "help" of Thaos that we're fully convinced.
  8. Could be remembering wrongly, but after you make the sign the only water that rises is the one that makes a bridge for you to cross, no? So have you tried walking over that water that just rose? It should be glowing a little IIRC. At that point, you continue on and eventually come to a lever/rod. It's this point that you can "rise the tide".
  9. Is it actually possible to die/lose a companion after striking the crystal? Eder (I chose "draw lots") survived because the souls I set free in part 1 apparently turned in to fish people and saved him. I've also heard that the diving helmet will prevent a death. When I talked to Ondra later in Twin Elms (during the vanilla main quest, where you need the gods help to chase Thaos) there was an option that said something like "I lost a friend because of you" (which I hadn't, bug?) which suggests it is possible for the person striking to die. If so, has anyone seen that? Especially interested in what happens if the PC dies, a simple GAME OVER popup, or alternate ending slides?
  10. I also dealt with the Iron Flail peacefully, figured that was why they stuck around, attracting other Readcerans and tensions steadily rose. If we had wiped them out perhaps they'd back off, other Readcerans would be too scared to come up, and the region would be more peaceful in the long run.
  11. Got to the ending after doing part 2 content: http://imgur.com/a/93Rqa Seems doing part 2 content gets rid of some of the part 1 Stalwart slides. Also seen is a new Zahua slide (that uses the Devil's background image for some reason) for completing his quest. I suspect you'd get a different one if you tell him that he can now move on at the end of his quest, rather than telling him that Tacan's ways live on in him. Other new variables seem to be: Returning Eyeless to Abydon How you deal with Iron Flail What you do with the ogre clan How/if you take care of Maneha
  12. What qualifies you for access to the download of the expansion that can be applied to the backer physical dvd installation? I do have a copy of the physical dvd, but under my products I just have the gog redeem code for the expansion (which I've used), no separate download that's specifically for the dvd version. This isn't urgent for me as I've been using my digital gog version since release, haven't even unwrapped the dvd, but it'd be nice to know that's all ready to go as an option if I ever want it.
  13. Very little interest in this, I suspect most playing pt 1 are just waiting for pt 2 before going to Sun in Shadow to actually finish the game again, but I'll continue regardless. http://imgur.com/a/EM8XW Finish TWM pt 1 in 2 other states, seems clear now that the slides are divided as so: a - Depends on what you did with the souls at the end of the Battery. b - Depends on the state of the potential Awakened. c - Based on your reputation with Stalwart. (Though I did have a high reputation with the first TWM playthrough (that I posted the screens of in the OP), I did kill the loggers which may be what prevented them celebrating the Watcher's arrival). Then you have the Devil and Zahua slides: Can not currently do anything with Zahua, so that is always the same. Devil can either kill the logger or not, for two different endings. I wonder if a happier end is possible for her. Awakening Taena and not killing her is indeed possible, just had to make a few of those attribute/skill checks that my first character that attempted it could not. 18 resolve will do it alone, but there's also various combinations of perception/lore/constitution/slightly-lower-resolve that will get you there.
  14. GoG has 2 2.02 patches, 1 under Game Downloads: Patch 2.02 - 107mb and 1 under DLC: The White March - Part 1 - Patch 2.02 - 202mb. This was the same with 2.01. Back then I just clicked the first 2.01 I saw, which was the one under game downloads. I downloaded and started installing it and while that was going on I noticed the other option under DLC. I recognized that that second one would be the one I needed as I did own TWM, so I downloaded and installed that AFTER the first one had installed, figuring it was overwriting the first patch and if I had paid more attention I could have downloaded and installed this DLC patch ONLY. So then the game works fine, showing correct version number, all good. For 2.02, I've ONLY downloaded and installed the option under DLC (The White March - Part 1 - Patch 2.02 - 202mb), but it seems the version number has not changed on the main menu (and if I do load a save, I'm now seeing all the spinning pink squares where TWM assets should be, which I recall was an issue with dodgy installs/patches), so I guess this was the wrong thing to do. Remembering what I did last time, I assume you're actually MEANT TO download and install the patch under Game Downloads, THEN install the patch under DLC, but I've not actually bothered to try it yet. Is this correct? If so, is it communicated clearly anywhere? And is it possible to let me know what's the best thing to do from where I am at (installed "The White March - Part 1 - Patch 2.02 - 202mb" but am seeing the old 2.01.... as the version number on the main menu + broken pink textures).
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