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Found 2 results

  1. In the ending slides for Xoti, I was surprised to learn that the MC had "taken her virtue" then split up with her, because it never happened. When she initiated her advances, I remember the dialogue choices I selected to be "I thought you liked Eder?" and then "Not Interested." Last save before confronting Eothas attached. Don't see this exact issue mentioned elsewhere, but this is similar.
  2. Discuss/post some of the new ending slides. Let us know what you got and why you think you got it. These were mine: http://imgur.com/a/EC79P#1 Devil's stuff: Obviously I let her murder the logger guy, no other opportunities to change this really stood out to me. Zahua: Seems to me that influencing him will be left for part 2. Even though he told my character about his clans troubles, he kept saying my stuff was more important and wouldn't give a quest to help him out. So I guess this is the default "personal quest: Incomplete" ending. I should also mention that the narrator says more than what appears in the ending text for some reason. Not really anything different, just more. "Under Taena's guidance the mines..." : I didn't awaken Taena, I awakened the Orlan. Now, I have started another playthrough and gotten to the point of awakening Taena and that lead to her attacking me (after giving the required info) and I don't know if it can go any other way. But that would still change this slide I imagine. Not really sure about the "half a dozen others had been excavated in the nearby peaks" bit. May be related to helping the girl with her gem-finding device and telling her it works (rather than lying and saying it's junk)? I figure this because I imagine she sells the tool to a bunch of people and tells them to use it in the White March. Seems a bit of a stretch though, perhaps they just come because DB is now safe. Stuff about the new generation being eager for exploration: Could this be related to me making a deal with the Ogre Matron? Maybe because it's kind of siding with the son's new way of thinking over the mother? Or this is possibly given to everyone who bothers with TWM content. Smuggler's opportunities: Probably got this because I returned the woman's stash to her and told her to cut me in, rather than reform her, kill her or turn her in to the mayor. Owynna's midnight errands: Clearly from awakening Owynna. Watcher's visit seen as an ill omen: I don't really get this one, who are they praying for ("prayer for the dead left in the Watcher's wake")? The dead that result from smuggler's prospering? The loggers I killed with the Devil? Possibly a reference to the threat that we'll deal with in Part 2, but can't now (the "eyeless" (I think this is what they called them, may be wrong) that killed the dwarves of Durgan's Battery), coming and killing some of them. Could also be referring to the people I let burn in the house at the start. Or perhaps the thieves-pretending-to-be-priests that I killed? I am most interested in knowing if anyone didn't get this one/got something different, and why. Finally, I chose to send the lingering Battery souls back to the Wheel, but I can't see this effecting any of the ending slides I got.
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