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  1. I will play both games too. Already was able to test Divinity OS 2 and can't wait for 14th September to see the rest of the story. Funny is that I wasn't able to finish DOS 1. But then POE is a different game, more faster with more interesting story than DOS 1 (can't say for DOS 2 for now). So if POE 2 will be the same or better then at least for me POE 2 will be more interesting for replaying than Divinity. But time will tell
  2. You need to open your savegame with winrar or 7-zip and delete AR file (ex. for Icantha house its : Heritage_Hill_Ground_01) after you delete it just load that save and visit that place/area one more time and its should be reset.
  3. *sorry for double* Was able to fix my problem by reset Icantha house by deleting AR in my savegame and send prisoners to Aldhelm
  4. Hmmm I rescued them before I even talked with Icantha so I think there's no one left for me to be chosen as his victim. Or is there's a way to somehow reset Icantha house by console commands ?
  5. I have already save that girl before I unlocked tower...
  6. So I clear the tower, speak with Aldhelm on the top of it and get command word from Icantha as he wanted. But now I'm stuck, would like to find out what Aldhelm mean by "show me a way to strengthen myself" using that soul machine but I cannot find anyone who I could convince/lie to so that person go to the tower as victim for make Aldhelm "normal" again. In Journal there's "If I want his help, I'll need to send a victim to him" - so anyone know who it is ? Tried to talk with almost everyone in Defiance Bay but no luck for now.
  7. Just helped dragon to transef soul into dragon slayer but there's no dragon body left in the lvl 15 so maybe dragon transfer more that just soul I think this choice is carried over to the other parts of Pillars of Eternity (or expansion) as dragon wanted to see Vailian Republics and who know maybe we will see Pallegina homeland in second or third part of POE.
  8. Hey Would like to know if there's any penalty for killing Dragon Slayer for Adra Dragon? After get amulet and went to meet with dragon slayer was wondering if there were any penalties later in the game if you decided to help Adra dragon transfer to the dragon slayer body ?
  9. Wanted to buy on GOG but receive gift from brother so Steam here.
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