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  1. I have the same issue as well no mods no save. Tried on different settings. Nothing worked. Same setup except 1060 GTX
  2. Obsidian just dropped a bombshell and my Pollymorp+Scoundrel assassin got killed by it. Thanks, Obsidian you ruined the Divinity:OS2 for me.
  3. Sorry for late post. I certainly didn't mean for a remake of that game or copy its design or something. I certainly didn't mean as a full Torment 3. All I said a -as one- non-combat quest level or dungeon. That house was a very good introduction to a game. There were no monsters chasing you -like today's horror games- but It was still tense. It doesn't have any combat but merely small puzzles and a good mystery. That quest is alone started many articles or when talking about the game Itself. It was unique in all bunch of combat/stealth quests. Why can't Pillars have that one puzzle based interaction epic level/quest? It certainly has the right setting to do! First of all, we are talking, seeing or reaching souls. Another fact, we are traveling island to island in a pirate theme. We can easily lurk around a ship wreckage and interact differently medium difficulty puzzles and solve a mystery about the dead pirate crew. I have no problem with other things I just think Obsidian could dedicate one level for a quest which could give that "wow" effect because of its unique approach. People will always re-install RPGs for very that reason. Game "journalists" will certainly start their opinion with that one unique level/quest design.
  4. It's the first thing fans of the game remembers when this game shows up. Here's an epic level/quest design. Why not make It happen? I think I said enough.
  5. Are you talking about the game or..? What is so triggering about a man saying his opinion about 6 man party is better?
  6. It was an annoyance in first the pillars for me too. Exploding. Finishers move like in dragon age: origins would be much more enjoyable to watch. I really don't want to see another, arrows exploding targets. It would be more epic to let's say, giving the final execution to a dragon rather than see It explode.
  7. Will we see improvements on Beastery? Can we read a book about a certain type of beast and fill the pages of beastery before we kill lots of them?
  8. Hell, maybe we could get something like Darkest Dungeon camping skills? Each class getting access to some bonuses to use during camp, which somehow scale with Survival? Or the number of skills a character can use is determined by their Survival score. And food as tied to camping could replace the current rest bonus from Survival and be the mobile "Inn" buff. I think Darkest Dungeon's camping skills fits perfectly. It's not complicated, class-based, creates more synergy with party members by offering gameplay and simple to do. I wish that is the case.
  9. I didn't hear about food is going to tie to resting. At first, I was going to write about food & drinks should be only useable during camps or resting. I hope that is the case when you go camping screen you adjust who eats & drinks and get at least 8 hour bonus of that. With the combination of (improved) survival bonuses or even more! Of course, It's not going to be like Expeditions Conquistador's level but It could be fun to manage a party to some degree.
  10. For me, POE's had 2 strongest side Visuals and Music.I hope they don't change the art style in any form. In terms of visuals, all this game needs more NPC's hanging around, doing stuff, filling the amazing backgrounds and separate footsteps volume slider!
  11. @Aarik D Although PoE got high praises from the press and after great patches, eventually, from fans as well, The backer numbers look significantly lower than the first campaign. Do you think crowdfunding losing its hype or fans expected more new features from a new game? Or why do you think that is?
  12. I read the entire post again and haven't noticed any drama. Seems to me, you are more upset about people stating their opinions.
  13. MY thoughts exactly. As I was reading the update I was like WTF?! Boosting points by making challenging to unlock more different things and such... I am 100% sure I will skip that weird thing
  14. Graphics look significantly improved yes but I am a bit curious about performance. Given that It is going to be streaming/loading type and with this more detailed maps, lighting and all. I guess we can only find out during beta.
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