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  1. restricting the framerate to 45 helped a little. i could cast pull of eora like 3 times in the middle of queen's berth while casting fireballs and fans of flames left and right and the game does not graphically glitch out. tried it in the hanging sepulchers in the room with 6 flames are burning and graphical glitches returned. i recommend keeping the lights and glow effects ticked off, jacking the VFX opacity aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way to the left, keeping MSAA to 1, and keeping VSync on all the time.
  2. Hi SChin Apologies for the late response. My MSAA has been at 1 the whole time. I've also tried disabling everything except for VSync. Issue still persists. I've recently created a new character and tried playing and it seems the issue happens a lot more when: - I or enemies cast spells with a lot of VFX (fan of flames and fireball are the ones where I see a lot of these graphical issues happening) - When anybody wields Xoti's lantern Please note that all the graphical issues happen even if everything, except for VSync, is disabled and the MSAA is set to 1. EDIT: Restricting the
  3. Hi, I am also having these issues to the point where I'd have to hard reset my computer. I have tried what kilay (that word means 'eyebrow' in my native tongue) suggested but it seems to still happen. I noticed it happens mostly when I or when enemies cast light intensive magic (fan of fire, fireball, wall of fire, wall of many colors, etc.) OR if 'Lights' is ticked on. My specs are below if it's any help. Core i5-6600 3.0Ghz R9 390 8gb 16gb RAM My graphics settings are in the attached image.
  4. Hi, I've tried searching on this forum but I can't seem to find any post that addresses the issue I'm having. When I'm playing on High settings, after a while, the graphics would start showing artifacts (broken pixels) and then the game would freeze up. Sometimes, I'd still be able to close the window but the graphical artifacts would remain. I would have to shut my computer down then wait a while before I could fire it back up again. I have recently tried re-adjusting the settings to something more manageable. It would work for a while but after some time, the artifacts would show up agai
  5. If you're using steam, you can try verifying the integrity of game files. I have recently re-added some of my mods and it seems to be working fine now.
  6. Hi, I am getting a kind of a graphical bug when instead of proper textures, it only shows as black. This is after the Beast of Winter update last night. I saw this on the bridge in Crookspur Fort, the Crystal spiders in the Crookspur cavern, and the Messenger (Beast of Winter). I wasn't able to get the screenshots for the first two but attached is the screenshot for the Messenger. Please note the following: - Game version 2.0 - Graphics set on High - Save game is modded and console commanded (but no mods for graphics) - Rig is as follows: - CPU: Core i5 6600 - GPU: AMD R9 390
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