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Found 10 results

  1. My specs: 5800x, 6800, 32gb memory. I have framerates capped at 144 and have vsync both in game and in AMD software. Despite this, Outer worlds seems to ignore all these settings during dialogue face to face with any character and when im in the menu, my gpu will them suddenly ramp up in gpu usage at 99-100% with fans at full blast before causing freezing or green screen pc restarts. This makes me unable to go further with the game without fear of damaging my gpu. Is there any suggestions in how to fix this? I cannot find information anywhere except turning on vsync or adding frame limiter.
  2. This has been submitted to Obsidian, support ticket #5715. I thought it best to post here as well, in case anyone else is having this issue. I started the game with Dyrwoodian Sloop (like everyone does) and by about level 10, I had enough to purchase the Galleon. I'm playing in Story Mode as my time is limited, so it's been pretty easy to rack up the coin. Since switching to the Galleon every ship battle has frozen the game before the text prompts come up, prompting Windows to close the game. I switched back to the Sloop today and got through one ship battle (I immediately went to boarding) but the second time I was attacked the game froze again. I will update when I hear from Obsidian.
  3. I am running into issues trying to play PoE 2 and it just keeps randomly freezes up on me. At first, I thought it was a graphical issue so I tried changing it from windowed mode to just fullscreen. But I still had issues. I then tried lowering the graphics dropping it from high to medium then down to low an finally I tried disabling everything that I could think of and I still suffer random freezes, especially during combat. This is running on GOG and I have run the verify option on the files. What information is needed to help resolve this issue?
  4. I have been having an issue with the graphics completely wigging out on me with pillars 2. It used to be only once in a while and didn't render the game unusable, but recently has been now happening immediately upon booting up the game every time. Basically it initially looks like pretty little artifacts on the screen that flicker and change, multicolored, then after a few minutes the screen freaks out and starts jumping all over the place and then eventually completely freezes. My Specs: Intel i5-6600 3.30 GHZ CPU 32 GB Ram NVidia GeForce 970 Win 10 Home I updated my NVidia video card drivers to the most recent I updated Windows I set that MSSA (or... MSAA or whatever) to 1 like people suggested. I lowered graphics level down to medium I have rebooted the game and my computer multiple times. Any Help would be appreciated.
  5. [Caveat: The version of the game I am running includes the first of the new DLCs, Beast of Winter, and includes the 2.0 patch that was released around the same time.] I've posted about this topic before, but in relation to the first Pillars of Eternity game. For some players out there, including me, the game will sometimes mysteriously lock up within a few minutes of starting - and playing - the game. If you find that this is happening to you and you are using a router: try disconnecting from the internet. You don't need to necessarily go into aeroplane mode - simply disconnect from the WIFI signal to which you are connecting. Upon disconnecting, try loading the game again, and see what happens. For me, the game works once I'm offline. Since I know I am not a statistical anomaly, I am certain there are others out there who will benefit from this information. Hope this helps those of you struggling with getting the game to work. [Wonderful Devs: do you think this problem is due to a reporting glitch?] Kind regards, Ilya
  6. Hi all, I did everything to try to solve a blue screen and hanging in this game. I verified files Ran extensive graphics and ram tests Game would hang in intensive fights, Especially near the end at the guardians. I finally found out the issue. I upgraded my CPU fan . Last thing I ever thought of doing. My CPU is an Intel i7 4770k. The intel cpu test failed (download from intel website) and showed the cpu was overheating. Just thought id share with everyone.
  7. I recently started a new game and upon making it to the first town I've found that my game now freezes and crashes every time I try to enter a building. This never happened in previous playthroughs so it's quite puzzling. I verified local game cache and everything was there so I don't know what's going on. Edit: I changed nothing but it's working now... DxDiag.txt
  8. At a check for the last stone head location before the boss’ location is unlocked. Merisiel has fallen and all other characters are at the same location. Kyra failed the check to defeat the stone head. After all damage was resolved, Kyra had one card in her hand (Favor of Shelyn). I was then presented with the choice to either shuffle or place on top the stone head card. Selecting ‘Top’ made the choices disappear for a moment, and then the game crashed. Upon reloading of the game, I was presented with the same decision of ‘Shuffle’ or ‘Top’, and the game will crash a moment after either selection. I cannot click on any other button when I reload and the ‘Shuffle’ or ‘Top’ prompt is on, nor can I quickly click on any button for the moment after I made my selection but before the game freezes and crashes. I have also uninstalled the game, rebooted the phone, and reinstalled the game, but I am still at the same spot when I resign in. I play this game on my Google Pixel phone, and have tried to get by this spot on my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, but have the exact same issue. Is there a way I can quit out of this mission and restart it? I just want to get by this spot, as I am pretty far in the story. Thank you in advance. General (For all issues) · What device type are you on? Android · What version of the OS are you running? Android 7.1.1 and Android 6.0.1 · What model is the device? Google Pixel and Samsung SM-G920V (Galaxy S6) · What is your PFID#? 6212 Gameplay · Is pass & play on? Is permadeath on? No & No · Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? (If not quest mode, did you recently enter it?) Story Mode · Characters in Party: Kyra, Valeros, Merisiel, Ezren · Location of each character: Everyone at same stone head (Merisiel has fallen) · Turn Order: Kyra, Valeros, Merisiel, Ezren · Scenario & Scenario Difficulty. If on non-normal difficulties, which wildcard powers are in play? Sins of the Savoirs, Rimeskull (Normal difficulty) · What card was encountered when the issue occurred? (Or check, or card just played, etc) Stone Head · Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore? If subsequent, what card did you last encounter? What was its resolution? (IE, you just encountered an enchanter and failed the check, and on an additional explore you ran into a blessing of the gods but didn't auto acquire it) It occurred on the first explore. It happened when I failed to defeat the stone head, and I had the option to either shuffle the card or place it on top. After either selection, the game will freeze and crash. On reload, I am presented with the selection to either shuffle or place on top, and after either selection, the game will crash. · Did other characters aid the check? What did they use to aid it? No, N/A · Was the encounter a Horde? (Skeleton Horde, Goblin Raid, Zombie Nest, Zombie Horde, Garrison Location Power w/ multiple characters, Henchmen encounter in Black Fang w/ multiple characters) No, it was the ‘henchmen’ of the location – the stone head.
  9. Greetings, I was running the Poison Pill quest with a new team and just cleared the last card from the General Store location. I closed the location and then rolled to add items, once I roll the background/table goes black and won't progress. I can click on everything, but the gained items don't show up and the game freezes. Tried closing and logging back in and it takes me back to rolling for items before repeating. Anyone out there have any ideas to fix?
  10. Ok so I bought southpark stick of truth on pc. (steam) I just got passed Canada now im at Clydes treehouse. When ever I climb up the second ladder (on second floor) it loads (I can hear game sound and I can see the game) and loads and loads. I left it going for 1 hour! And the little loading symbol on the botton right keeps spinning and says its loading. Oh and yes I tried switching buddies before proceeding. Did not work BASIC PC SPECS Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 1.5 GB graphics 16 GB's of ram Intel core i7 Please Help! I want to finish the game so badly!
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