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  1. I can confirm that letting my companions go through the door first and letting them unleash salvos and taking out the chairman does work as a work-around on the PC.
  2. Am having the EXACT same problem. Am on a PC rather than a console device. I open the door, I see the chairman, there's a brief stutter, and then: WHAMMO! Straight to the desktop!
  3. Heh, my initial response to reading that was to wonder just what sort of amazing guitar did Serafen play that it had *eight* strings?!
  4. Dear devs, here are a few more typos and oddities for you (see attached images). Information on what's incorrect and suggested corrections are provided in each photo. Cheers, Ilya
  5. Ranpoparan, can you tell me whether or not the 'Telemetry' option is checked in your Options menu? If it is: uncheck it. Let me know if that works for you. Cheers, Ilya
  6. I like to be a good client. There's always more to learn from both sides, and I think bug hunting is fun! It's why I used to work in the industry, and would do so again if there were any such roles available in Sydney! Am always happy to help, as resolving bugs is to me like a good Sherlock Holmes style mystery!
  7. How'd you like some good news in your day? A combination of disabling IPv6 and disabling Telemetry seems to have fixed the problem! Whilst I know the idea behind the random assortment of numbers generated by IPv6 protocols is meant to assist in protecting users, I suspect it might have also been causing PoE 2 grief. I can happily confirm that PoE1 is now also working properly and doesn't lock up either - I loaded a save game and ran around Dyrwood for several minutes with no problem (usually the game locks up within about 30 seconds). That said: PoE2's option to quit direct
  8. Thanks for getting back to me SChin. I really don't mind the crashing - I am very understanding of the complexities of game development (having previously worked in the industry) and know that it's not possible to check/test every single possible hardware/router/memory/driver/etc. configuration, and that bugs will happen. So am more than happy to help. Will send an email with my post details, username, handle, et al, as you requested. Would it help you if I attached screenshots of the memory usage in Task Manager as well? Cheers, Ilya
  9. Hi Devs, Came across a developer comment today while researching possible solutions to the game-crashing bug I've been experiencing of late (disabling my net connection is the only way I can play PoE1/2). I suspect this bug is at the heart of my problems. https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/incredibly-slow-loading-times-workaround-available.981444/ As Dan (an Obsidian coder) explained: I've attached two screenshots of my current network configuration settings, as well as my most recent output log. Am happy to make any and all configuration changes y
  10. [Caveat: The version of the game I am running includes the first of the new DLCs, Beast of Winter, and includes the 2.0 patch that was released around the same time.] I've posted about this topic before, but in relation to the first Pillars of Eternity game. For some players out there, including me, the game will sometimes mysteriously lock up within a few minutes of starting - and playing - the game. If you find that this is happening to you and you are using a router: try disconnecting from the internet. You don't need to necessarily go into aeroplane mode - simply disconnect f
  11. This sounds like a variation of the bug I'm experiencing: I import my savegame data from PoE1 to determine the kind of history I'd had up until that point, and then the game locks up.
  12. Evening Caleb, Much to my delight, I've managed to get the game working while online. Here's what I did: In Malwarebytes and Avast, I added a special exclusion rule around the Pillars of Eternity executable. Further, within the game's main screen, I disabled - in Game Options - Telemetry and News. All of those four changes seem to have solved the issue that I reported. That said, I have noticed slightly elongated loading times as a by-product - not terribly awful ones, mostly four or five seconds longer. Which is a bit unexpected. I've attached the most recent outp
  13. Deemie, Raziel raised the question of where the notes were - as some notes appear in one section of the inventory, and other notes - for some strange reason, in a different section of the inventory. As I just did this quest today, and going through a list of possible things to try. Hope you don't mind me, a fellow PoE fan, helping you out in attempting to solve this bug! Best, Ilya
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