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  1. Hi, this was already a thing in beta and got fixed. Now it's here again. It makes microing a real chore. Please fix this again. I will not play with ai scripts! https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94735-bugintendedplayer-chars-are-not-auto-attacking-after-special-attack/
  2. Hi, just after the opening scene the game crashed hard. Crashlog is attached. I renamed the crash.dmp file to .txt because otherwise I couldn't uploaded it here. You have to change that in my opinion. Greetings output_log.txt error.txt crash.txt
  3. Has edge scrolling speed in the options menu changed? I don't use smart camera mostly, and I don't have issues with the scrolling. Yeah i have it on 2,5 and when it reacts its fine but there is most of the time a delay until the scrolling begins. Even with wasd. Sometimes it takes up to 2-3 seconds until scrolling kicks in. This is driving me nuts. It was all absolutely fine until backer beta update 2. It must have something to do with the smart camera updates... Hope this will get fixed.
  4. Nobody else in here with camera issues? Even when i disable smart camera scrolling on the edges doesn't work like before. I have to spin my mouse like crazy to get the screen moving. There must be something wrong with it. I can not play when the camera is like this. I don't want to use smart camera...
  5. I have a request too. Would be cool if someone could convert it for me. Thanks !!
  6. You can reproduce the volume change in music with my save file. In Oldsong when you want to enter Noonfrost there starts a short cutscene with old souls. When this scene is finished the Oldsong track restarts again but this time much louder then before. There are mutiple areas ingame where this can happen. Savegame: http://ufile.io/bdgoz
  7. Yeah this is still a thing. It makes dealing with too silent music playback even more difficult... Why couldn't they be sepperated?
  8. HI there, lately i get the bug that the music volume is changing from map to map. Combat music is sometimes barely hearable and sometimes really loud. Same with some background soundtracks... What could cause this ?! EDIT: It feels like some tracks are recorded at a different volume. In Stalwart for example the music is extremely quiet everytime. Some combat tracks too. And then there are music tracks which are pretty loud. Defiance Bay for example. Can anybody else confirm this? When I listen to the tracks with VLC Player seperately they seem to have the same volume. Pretty st
  9. Sadly they streamlined POE's systems to total casuality. It has almost nothing in common with old cRPGS anymore. I don't understand why the system got dropped when it finally worked after patch 3.x...
  10. The drop of the vancian casting model including the spellbooks was a really big mistake in my opinion. The system like it was in Pillars 1 was totally fine. Now it feels like WoW, in a bad way...
  11. Hi there, I don't know if this is a design decision or a bug. When party AI is deactivated and you use a special ability like knockdown your fighter does not auto-attack with his normal attack afterwards. You have to manually click on the enemy again to perform auto-attacks. This is annoying as hell. In POE 1 your chars auto-attacked after using a special ability even when party AI was disabled. Please reintroduce this behaviour. I don't want to use party AI but like this micro is a real chore. Thanks.
  12. Just reactivate the option for people who want to play in slower speed. What's the point in removing the option anyhow? It doesen't make any sense. I can't enjoy the fights like they are now. This needs to be reimplmented, so that everyone can choose the combat speed they are happy with...
  13. Game is in some areas a big stepup from the first one. I like the new setting, character animations, dual-classing and a lot of dialog checks. They seem amazing so far. Big con is combat. I find it's chaotic and way too fast. Combat in Pillars 1 was better managable in my opinion. This needs some serious work.
  14. Combat speed is way way way too fast. It's total chaos in my eyes. Liked the combat feel in POE 1 a lot more sadly...
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