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  1. As title say. I leveled up to 4lv and was able to choose 2lv classes abilities. The point is- while I can see and use 1lv cipher abilities, the 2nd level one is bugged and doesn't show at menu. Here are the screenshot: I attach below my save file and logs. EDIT I did respec and spent my ability points differently and choosed that 2lv ability at level 5 and now it's working fine. saveandlogs.zip
  2. I didn't know where I should place this thread so I will try in here... So apparently Pillars of Eternity 2 (pre-?)production has started. That's good. But besides things you probably already know to improve/change that many players had already stated, I have one humble request. About music direction. I really wish it be more like in old IE-games style. Strong, memorable tunes. I believe Justin Bell is really good artist and composer (his PoE battle themes proved that, I'm loving them), but rest of the music was kinda like "bland-music-made-for-being-a-background-for-the-movie" thing. And
  3. I believe it was 2,5GB for me. After turning off anti-aliasing and other stuff I managed to get better performance. It's now choppy ~30fps outside of combat (White March p.2) and ~10-22fps during combat. Outstanding patch it is.
  4. Is there any way to get back to previous version of the game (Steam)? I've updated several minutes ago and now my FPS have SINGLE DIGIT value while moving characters, playing White March locations. i5-4590 GTX 770 (newest Nvidia drivers) 8GB RAM I had some performance issues earlier, but not so drastic like now... This is how it looks on my PC now: https://youtu.be/jp6-ho5CZVA
  5. This really irritates me. I wanted to leave music louder and turn down volume of sound effects (especially because they are very loud in combat) but when I do that, music volume is turning down too (even if it's slider is turned to max). Brilliant feature.
  6. Ok, I must admit- while I still dislike music in wilderness/village (bland, boring, forgettable), the battle themes are actually good, and one IMO is really great (it's called "Combat E" on Internet).
  7. Well, that sucks indeed, but still, everyone should be aware that this scenario could happen, especially when ordering from another continent.
  8. FFS, game will be released in two days. They still have time. One day or another won't make a difference if you can't play game before 26th anyway. Some of you act like children (Mommy! I want that new toy NOW!!!) or women with PMS. You backed this game because you wanted it to make real, or because you wanted to brag that you get the steam-key before anyone? Then that person must be very silly in considering/ordering DIGITAL copy. At KS campaign there weren't any information that backers will get keys before release anyway. So it's not that Obsidian cheated anyone.
  9. Because of you, I started to listen (not watch to try not spoil the game myself) many of streams. After 30min I heard only one good track from battle (because this one is almost rip-off from BG2- City Battle I) and whole rest, especially wilderness and village themes are bland as hell. Almost like this: https://youtu.be/ZgtHIgWd4k0?t=27s Just kidding, this one actually has some melody unlike Bell's works.
  10. Guess what? First (and let's hope not last) good Pillars of Eternity music track! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m5ZDekQsfc
  11. I really like Sensuki's UI mockup. MUCH better than original.
  12. I'm not very pleased with what I heard in beta. Well, maybe it's just me. I'm not a big fan of ambient-ish music. I like when music has more catchy melody, something that will remain in memory. When I think about Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment or many other great games I also recall good tracks that accompanied me in my adventures and which built atmosphere of these games.
  13. http://unity3d.com/unity/system-requirements Dunno how accurate those are. And that would be...? IIRC, DX9 is more flexible and gives you more control of CPU utilization and overhead (of course, if you know how to do that), unlike DX10/11, that's why DX12 is supposed to fix that. And DX9 is still capable nowadays: http://www.abload.de/img/2011-05-19_000232n85.jpg
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