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  1. Yeah, I totally remember reading that in history how Nazi Germany was started by layabouts sitting at there computers. Historical fact right there. LOL
  2. Nope. Not pre-ordering either. The exact opposite of pre-ordering actually. If it was on Steam or Gog, I would have to support the devs. Obviously they don't want my business, but that's ok. I've got a pretty big backlog to clear.
  3. Nope. Won't be buying on either Epic or the thing Microsoft call a store. Not supporting this god aweful exclusivity practice. When it comes to Steam or Gog, then I'll take a look... when it's on sale I mean. Obviously I'm not paying full price for a year old game. That seems kind of a silly thing to do.
  4. It's still bugged. in my turn based game I've now done that bit and it's a regular bow with the description. Running the latest patch.
  5. +1 for being able to target the spell when it's actually being cast.
  6. Nope. I will not support such anti consumer practices. The game should be available on Gog, Steam, even Epic if they want. But i will not buy on the Epic store. Since I've got a vastly superior PC to any console I'm not interested in buying a sub par version of the game either.
  7. Guns are fine. If re-loading gets slowed down, combat takes even longer which is quite obviously not what is needed.
  8. Spell re-targeting needs to be fixed as well. The re-target option appears when the spell is first selected to be cast, needs to be there when the spell is actually cast. Some of the spells have long cast times and everything can be in different places by the time the the character gets around to casting.
  9. An ending that makes sense. Cut the gods nonsense, just a good story, we solve whatever the problem is in a way that best fits our character. Should probably deal with the aftermath, whatever that is, it's not really clear actually. Story should probably not be time sensitive so allowing for exploration, which I do anyway, but some people apparently don't like to keep big bad waiting. So far as I'm concerned big bag can take up a hobby until I'm good and ready to reach the end. I'd start with a new character and retire the watcher, he's got a castle to rebuild apparently which could take
  10. Still broken. Don't know who else sells Pyrite in the game. Also need more sellers with Pyrite to upgrade gear. Thanks.
  11. +1 on this. Re-loaded and same thing happened. Can upload a save if reqd.
  12. Thanks guys. I've been playing this game a hell of a lot lately. Getting through the expansion's so just about ready for another play through. I've practically turned it into a TB game anyway with all the pause options and slowing combat down.
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