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  1. I have a few mods that add subclasses or change the classes of the companions (like making Eder Unbroken/Streetfighter). Now I was thinking of starting up a new character and test some new mods - in particular, making Eder a Stalker/Unbroken. My question is, if I swap out one mod for the other, will the new mod interfere with levelling an Eder started with the old mod, or is this a thing that's fixed as soon as you recruit the character and select their class combination?
  2. Thank God I hadn't gotten super-hyped about this game yet. Now I'll be getting it bug-free, feature complete and at a discount a year later, on a platform that doesn't violate my privacy on behalf of their Chinese overlords.
  3. I've noticed that some spells with long casting times (most notably for me is Ninagauth's Shadowflame) will sometimes eat up two standard actions. It seems to be linked to the casting beginning in one round and finishing in the next, thus costing me both the standard action for beginning the cast, and the standard action when it finishes. Is this a bug or a feature? If it's supposed to be that way it seems a bit harsh.
  4. This isn't a bug. It takes her 24 hours to reforge the blade(s), so the effects of the food expires.
  5. I have the auto-pause function set to pause before a character finishes casting a spell/ability with "long casting time". However, the game auto-pauses when a character is about to finish ANY ability, even the ones that are practically instantaneous. While not game breaking by any means, it's pretty annoying and makes it hard to manage combat properly with the constant pausing and un-pausing.
  6. Yes there is. I'm currently using a mod that gives you 30% less XP. It's called "Less XP" (surprisingly) and you'll finf it in the Steam workshop.
  7. Does anyone know how those new Cipher abilities work? How's Focus generation when you don't have Soul Whip?
  8. I'm running with the "Reduced XP"-part of Deadly Deadfire, and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. Not only is it keeping me from out-levelling everything, but it also ensures I don't hit the level cap until much later in the game so I keep having new levels to look forward to.
  9. I just started my infiltration of Arkemyr's manor only to discover that the robes don't work as a disguise. I've gotten the clue about using them from Fassima, and the corresponding journal entry. I've snuck into his sleeping quarters, stolen the robes from the closet and put them on, just as always, but both the iron constructs and the imps act as though I'm not wearing any disguise at all. The dialogue entry where you use the "cider and cheese" passphrase to convince them you're Arkemyr never shows up in the text, and constructs go hostile immediately upon detecting me.
  10. Actually, on my current playthrough (patch 3.01) I'm suddenly getting random encounters like I haven't seen since back in the version 1.x days. I have no clue what changed, but it must have been something in the latest patch.
  11. Can anyone tell me the (approximate) AoE of the Flames of Devotion upgrade that gives fire damage to your allies? I'm thinking about taking it for my Arcane Knight, but he mostly stays in the back ranks with spells and ranged support, so I don't know if it's worth it. And while I'm here, how about the radius for several other paladin abilities that affect your allies, like the Deflection bonus from downing an enemy and so on? I was thinking maybe it was linked to the AoE of the aura abilities, but that seemed overly optimistic. Anyone have a clue?
  12. I just started a new character with Patch 3.01, and discovered that the fragments of the BotEP do not appear in my cabin after the first conversation with the gods. I'm using the same save import as I always do, which means the fragments should be there. I know they appeared as normal after patch 3.0. I have a few mods installed, but only ones that give subclasses to Eder, Pallegina and Aloth and one that reduces XP gain. Played with those the last time as well (under 3.0) and the fragments appeared.
  13. I'm the guy who gave that response on Reddit, and so far those items are pretty much what I've found. I started a new playthrough with Loaded Pockets enabled and I've been faithfully going through the pockets of every named NPC so far in the campaign. I also haven't noticed any difference in loot drops beyond the normal variations. I have to say, unless there's some subtle thing I'm missing this appears to be an extremely underwhelming Blessing for its cost of 12 points.
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