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  1. Tried to get the griffin blade encounter in neketaka and spent about an hour jumping back and forth between different locations within neketaka and the gullet and got nothing at all :/ Update: I completed the Hasongo part of the main questline and now suddenly I am getting encounters non-stop. Cant even move inside Neketaka without triggering one. It seems to me that the encounter chance is affected by your progress in the main storyline or something like that. Unsure if this was the case before the 4.0 patch.
  2. Have not played the latest beta build. Does anyone know if the newly introduced subclasses have those occasional flavor dialogue options?
  3. Ah cheers guys ^^. Tented to just ignore that part on my potd playthroughs to save myself some headache so no wonder I never bumped into them
  4. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has seen a guaranteed spawn for the gauntlets of accuracy (+3 acc)? I got one in a previous play-through from what seems to have been random loot, and the wikipage does not yet have a listing under "Acquisition", so I was wondering if anyone know where one may obtain them in the game.
  5. As a personal note: That is actually a hilarious interaction. How the repulsive visage works is that in the description, your face becomes a nightmare, and enemies are terrified as a result... how does one terrify oneself if you cant see your own face? Does the PC carry around a small mirror all the time? I think the solution is rather than targeting the resolve affliction, try to remove confused, since it is the lowest tier int affliction(and thus only requires a resistance to int afflictions to be immune to it). Another option other than the Svef mentioned by Loren is picking up the Devil of Caroc breastplate from the armorer in Perkis overlook, assuming that in your game, Devil spared the guy in her quest(required for the armor to show up). That armor has an enchant which grants resistance to intellect afflictions. In case you don't want to snuff Svef all game long.
  6. Wait.... Thunderous blows does not stack with the Helwalker passive as of 1.2? What? That sounds extremely silly ... Has it been confirmed that it is an intended behavior?
  7. While it is not Corrode power level per say, most corrode spells and effects utilize the poison keyword: The spider silk robe has an enchantment which grants +3 poison power level. I think it was nerfed to +2 in 1.1 or 1.2 though... Wiki page might not have been updated. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Spider_Silk_Robe
  8. However, I will pick ranger just because the nerf of Evasive Fire annoys me and Barbarian as strongest because of some broken combos of items+abilities... Don't know if I just missed a thread or a youtube video about it or something, but could you shed some clarity of what combos exactly?
  9. Agree completely. Helwalker right now is just plain inefficient, which is kind of sad, since I liked the idea of a risk/reward type of gameplay that they promoted. Trading additive damage from the might and a "okay" lash in the form of turning wheel, in addition to a boost in intellect for a massive +50% damage(that is multiplicative) taken is just plain bad unless you are min maxing a build out of your mind and do not plan on getting hit at all. Kind of hope they tune down the penalty a bit if they aim to keep it this way. Maybe 3% for each wound instead of 5%? You are still, afterall, trading additive damage output for multiplicative damage taken, so the least they can do is match it on a 1:1 ratio.
  10. It is indeed still a thing. If you open up your reputation tree, you can see the dispositions that are favored by your specialization by the circles marked with blue/cyan colors. Disfavored disposition, which do incur penalties to your Faith and Conviction passive, are marked in red/orange. There is no equivalent to the talent that removes the negatives in Deadfire.
  11. I agree, but the fighter sort of "did" have a major role until this patch, which was basically massive burst AoE melee damage. Playing along the lines of some sort of "weapon master". But that was removed in the nerfs. Something that was a bit problematic with that role though was that it was not exactly amplified by being a single class fighter; The multiclass variant could access all the things you needed. I saw a great suggestion(cant remember in which thread) that perhaps it would be a good idea to allow the damage back onto charge again, but as a "upgrade" somewhere in the power levels 8 or 9, which is exclusive to single class fighters. I personally view the fix of cleaving stance as a bugfix, rather than a nerf. Self-triggering abilities is a bit silly, in general. That still leaves multiclass fighters in a bit of a struggle though since when it comes to multiclassing, they are outperformed by several other martial multiclass options.
  12. Pretty much, but they have been underperforming since release. Two major parts I just do not get is: 1. Why does two handed weapons not have higher penetration across the board? Just the sheer weight of a greatsword swing can crack ribs and cause concussions. Don't even need to cut. So why is as effective as slashing at armor with a normal sized sword? 2. Why are weapons with two damage types penalized with lower penetration in general. Is that not supposed to be their niche? Why are they penalized for their "unique traits" in comparison to other "pure" weapons with bonuses and a higher base pen? So ya, the 2+ armor to enemies in addition to the nerf to the helmet that reduces 2h weapon recovery just has me making question marks all over it.
  13. That's my problem. No recovery buffs should have been nerfed—recovery was already boringly slow enough. Contrary to the first game, Deadfire makes it impossible to reach 0 recovery (unless you were cheesing Time Parasite, which I reckon no longer stacks with itself?) As though that weren't enough, average recovery time for weapons is 4s, which is way slow. I too packed recovery buffs in priority—as a way to avoid having to stare at my party's idle animation and yawn for the better part of combat. Not only does it make my party feel weak regardless of whether they really are so, it bores me to boot. The game was too easy, yes, but over-nerfing is not a solution. I'm sure Baubles of the Fin wasn't breaking anybody's game; why nerf its damage boost from the already-useless 5% to 3%? Dual-wielding was already stronger than 2H because it's faster; why nerf the only item that gives bonus speed to 2H? And so on, and so forth. I understand wanting a challenge, but do we really want the challenge to be due to the fact that our abilities suck? I'd rather be challenged by smart A.I., intelligent encounter design, and enemies who are strong enough to hold themselves in combat. Again, that doesn't preclude fixing abilities that can proc themselves, or stack with themselves an infinite number of times, or are just too powerful—but many nerfs in this patch target stuff that wasn't too powerful, and/or go way overboard. I agree wholeheartedly. The reason recovery reduction was so valued by players was that it was a "stat" that stopped your character from feeling slow and sluggish. It acted simply as a countermeasure to the long default recovery time imposed across the board.
  14. Can someone confirm if the the wording change of turning wheel did indeed stop it from applying to ranged and spell damage? Would make the Sage build very sad :/
  15. I believe it was prevented from proccing itself—something I consider more akin to a bug fix than a nerf. It's still a pretty good ability. Ah, well that is kind of reasonable. And I do agree that it would be more akin to a bugfix. But in the same spirit; did they also stop swift flurry/drumming from proccing off itself?
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