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  1. They made mortification of the soul not able to empower. Not inner death as far as I know.
  2. I believe for two main reason. For one, monk don't combat defensive bonuses. Like at all. They have no deflection bonus of any kind, they don't have self healing. The only defensive bonus they have is that con con bonus, an iron wheel. That is why. As for duality int bonus, the reason being that they have no defensive bonuses -> reliance of disables, + some of their skills are low duration. So inherently they kept int bonus, so their disables could serve as an effective defense as well as to be able to maintain their low duration skills.
  3. Your reasoning is right of course. Although I it is very easy to get up to 10 wounds even if you do not play with shattered pillar. One thing I noticed, that at the start of the combat ranged and melee enemies attack the closest first. So if your character is standing in the front he will be attacked by every ranged and a good amount of melee. + If you keep your threat level high with monk your monk get attacked the most. I don't know how the threath level is calculated, but it must be calculated through damage potential. if you combine that with mediocre armor and defenses, you can effective
  4. The swift strikes proposition (15sec) I made in connection of dualities INT bonus swap to PER. I did test it. I did the closed beta too. I gave up playing the game for some time now because of balances issues and the clear necessity of an overhaul patch. The game was so blatantly easy I didn't wanted that to spoil the entire game and story for me. Monk was especially overpowered with turning wheel + lighning strikes, the +10 int bonus and infinite stun + what I've read about the tier 9 abilites. On dualities INT side I'm 100% firm. That needs a change.
  5. I don't know yet. As I said I wasn't able to test it. I catched the description this morning, but I had to go off to work. I will be able to tell more once I got home. In my opinion though yes, you wont be able to spam stun lock torments reach.
  6. What is your problem exactly and with what? Turning Wheel should stay as it is now. It's really nice that your abilities last longer and you don't have to recast them all the time, like when you play a berserker and lose 5 INT all the time. I know it sounds nice, but the player should be able to negate the penalty the most, not flip it entirely. There is no other ability in the game that allows you to do that. That is my problem with intellect bonus of duality. I'm not saying it should be capped at half value, I'm saying this causes balance issues.
  7. Well a 12+ sec stunning blow and a 8+ sec aoe stun from torments reach - which you can repeat - is something I consider OP. Whispers of treason (charm) with a free +50% duration is I Consider op. Chanter invocations with free +50% duration + 100% aoe is a bit op. etc. Again take it with a grain of salt what I write about what is OP or not, it's just every way I look at it it feels like something which is vastly outperforms every other bonus.
  8. If you start a new character with shattered pillar sub, one of the passives it receives from the start includes this info. (They hid it well ) Not sure I wrote down the exact line accurately, but it is there.
  9. Hello, I compiled a small list of changes to the monk in 1.1. I'm sure I missed something, if I did, make a comment about it and I include that into the list. The second part is my...list of complaints I think the monk still needs, handle that with precaution. I didn't wrote that to make a divine statement, I just believe those are necessary. Swift strikes - was granting 20% attack speed bonus, now granting 15% Lightning strikes upgrade - This ability was nerfed from 30% lightning bonus to 15% lightning damage A nerft was surely coming for lightning strikes, I think they went a lit
  10. You know i can't shake the feeling that all of the problems with healing, healing bonuses and clear immortality, is rooted in the fact that there is no limit in combat what a character can endure. Most of the problems could be resolved if we introduce the endurance/health system we had in pillars 1. That way you have a clear limitation to character survivability. All 'cannot die' effect can be changed to 'cannot be knocked out' effect, but still take hp damage untill the character dies. It would shift the focus from healing to stack real survivability, since you cannot be immortal with
  11. My best team was : Overworld Priest - Druid (Cat) - Druid (cat) - Chanter - Ranger - Barbarian Bosses Priest - Druid - Druid - Chanter - Wizard - Wizard Each time I used a Paladin, it was clearly inferior in all points. Same for Fighter. The worst classes ever, without any doubt. Well, I had pallegina in my team, and I finished the game without any other heal besides hers once I had her. I didn't really used potions too except dragon fights. Granted, I played on veteran difficulty only. Once I popped sacred Immolation and chain heal I was set. Plus give paladin some lo
  12. I don't agree with you on this. Palading was quite ok in PoE1 in my opinion. With sacred immolation, and the heals the paladin was an integral part of my group. Sure, 4-5 flames of devotion would have been better instead of two, but nonetheless, with a good armor and the right weapon it performed quite ok as a dps.
  13. Monk: I would add the intellect bonus of duality of mortal presence. +10 intellect is quite overpowered. also makes clarity of agony upgrade useless. Duality INT bonus should be some other stat. which does not overlap with other monk inspiration. I thinked perception...maybe Plus I really think torments reach stun duration should be nerfed to like 2 second. with high INT and power level bonus you can reach quite long duration.
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