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  1. Per topic title, I have been playing through the Forgotten Sanctum over the last few days & just started the Seeds of Deception a few hours ago, but upon killing the Oracle had the same issue that has been reported elsewhere: Llengrath immediately walked away & I had no option to finish the quest with her. My steam settings are currently set to update to the Beta patch for POE2, not sure if that could be related or not. My game is also heavily modded, but I'm not sure that ability/item mods would interact with anything that could mess this up. Any help?
  2. As per title, I would like to either have someone make a mod or give me some help on how to accomplish giving the imbue spells scaling penetration values. I understand the basics of modding & have done a few custom ones for myself, but I'm kinda vague on how to get the imbue effects to have power level scaling. First because IDK what to modify to change penetration scaling... Second because I'm not sure how the Imbues actually function. By that I mean their tooltips & some of their results imply they seem to function by "independently" casting the appropriate wizard spell when they hit a target. The tooltips for the spells cast on hit don't show any effects from character stats & while some of the effects seem to scale with the caster I can't really tell what does or doesnt other than it seems the # of missiles for imbue: missiles do scale & the penetration for all of the imbue-cast spells do not. Ultimately I'm not sure if they're casting the original wizard spell & this stuff isn't scaling because AAs aren't wizards, if they're casting some kind of knock-off duplicates that should be scaling but aren't, or if the issue is intentional. Could be something else entirely, IDK. Given that line of thought, I'm not sure I'm familiar enough with the chain of abilities->attacks->status effects to hunt this down properly. Any advice would be welcome here.
  3. I swear I saw a larger thread about Arcane Archer a day or 2 ago, but I can't manually locate or google find it now & I can't figure out how to search the Obsidian forums directly. It may also have been on the reddit, I'm not sure... In any event, it said in the thread I read somewhere that only certain weapons are "compatible" with Arcane Archers in that they have the proper tag to not get the -acc hit from the class passive. They had a short list of ones that people had confirmed working, and that's basically what I was looking for. The only one of those I could remember was the Thundercrack Pistol, and I'm trying to determine if there's other or more viable options. If anyone knows the list, that'd be great! Thanks.
  4. Well near as I can tell the issues were resolved with a little hand jamming, copying the Workshop mod files into the override folder. My assumption is that the game has some type of either/or switch for which folder it loads mods from; if there's something in the normal override folder it ignores the Workshop folder. In any event, all of my mods are on the list now & seem to be functioning.
  5. Does Gog have workshop-like functionality?Basic reason I was using both was because there were some things only on one or the other that I wanted to use. I use Vortex for things because it usually makes things easy. I have no real opinion on Steam vs. GOG or doing it myself, as I've done all of those at different times. I'm just not sure any of that is terribly applicable to the situation. In any event, I'll have to try & hunt down the Workshop file locations at least.
  6. I guess I'm out of the loop on POE2 modding, since last I was messing with it we were still basically doing it by hand. In any event, I've had a series of confounding issues today. I assumed that all the mods from everywhere still just went into the override folder, so I picked some Nexus mods (via their new Vortex client) to go w/ some Workshop mods & assumed they'd all cooperate (as long as they didn't conflict obviously). Well when I got em all ready to go & checked my mod manager in-game there were only 3 mods listed, which was less than I had from either source individually. The 3 mods listed all seemed to come from the Nexus half of things so I tried to troubleshoot some & deleted the Override folder to see what would happen, the result was all of the mods from the Workshop suddenly appearing in the list. So now IDK what to do, almost all of the Nexus mods were missing even when it seemed to be "in charge", and IDK the source location for either set of mods base files to just throw them in the override folder together. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. From what I've seen modding the files, I don't think it is possible to use an ability that consumes a class resource you don't have, as the resource pool it uses is built into the ability bundles. Now, maybe you can somehow add a Mortification pool to your character? But IDK how or even if it's possible without having a level of the class in question. Seems unlikely, in any event.
  8. I don't ever remember having a character in a game end up evil that I didn't intend to from the start. And in most CRPGs I've played since cross-sequel continuity became the norm, there have been as many or more benefits for being good as for being evil in the vast m as majority of them.
  9. The questions about the wheel have been asked before on these forums, and someone brought up a bit from Sawyer that basically said "We have all the answers to this and in the original script it was explained in the final Eothas dialogue. But then we felt like that was too long/too much of an info dump so we cut out all the parts you're asking questions about". May be added back in later? May be filled in during the xpacs? Who knows?
  10. It feelsbadman that your bonuses for doing good things & finding peaceful resolutions are thrown out the window. But being a selfish, homicidal asshat? THAT'LL GET YOU SOME POWERUPS! Edit: to follow up, do the negative decisions involved have any actual effect in Deadfire? Other than pooling a companion that would've been in both? I haven't seen or heard anything about such, so really irritates me that rewards for being good are removed, while rewards for being evil are carried over with no real repercussions.
  11. No one except yourself has argued that everyone is a mage or that wizards aren't special. So you've effectively won an argument against yourself, with arguments you made but no one else has. If I could like this post more than once, I would.
  12. On the actual subject of the thread: 1.) Put in a tooltip or something similar so that we can see bare-fist attack speed & recovery time. Same for movespeed/stride. 2.) Decrease all recovery times by about 1/4. Cast times are already long enough, doubling most of them with huge recovery times feels bad. 3.) Give Ciphers a very thorough re-do. The poe2 changes to the CC system resulted in debuffs & CC being a lot weaker. This is then compounded by the POE2 changes of giving casters long cast & recovery times. And THEN you add in the targeting restrictions & general lack of self-buffs carried over from PoE1, and the result is ciphers have turned into basically a 1-trick pony for charm/dominate. Which they are really good at, and is a very strong effect. But not what I liked about the cipher in the first game.
  13. This is very true, for whatever reason piercing immunity seems to be the most common physical immunity. This feels odd to me since ranged physical weapons all do piercing, so your stereotypical ranger is boned on a lot of encounters. But still, up to +5 penetration on everything you do is pretty awesome.
  14. Well last I heard, hippos kill more people anually than lions do. So we know they have the ability to maul our enemies!
  15. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Mohorā_Tanga That's a very strong one, because one of the available enchants is "Harpooning", which increases Penetration based on your Survival skill. The kicker is it seems to increase your BASE penetration, similar to the cipher T9 ability that gives a flat +8 pen. This means it increases penetration for BOTH weapons when DW, and according to tooltips affects at least some abilities that aren't full/primary attacks as well. This seems like it was probably unintended/bugged, but that's how it functions currently. Spears are pretty solid with the +acc, and the per-rest abilities are pretty solid as well. Overall it's a really good weapon for a DW melee dps char.
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