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  1. Can someone tell me how weapon speed is handled? Are there multiple attacks per round for fast weapons, compared to slow? First impressions on balancing?
  2. The way I see it, managing your own faction would have been similar to managing your Keep / Stronghold, but a more involved affair. The level of commitment you'd put into it would of course come down to the playstyle of a particular player. It might be a personal preference but I always liked these sandboxy aspects of these games, where you get to shape your corner of the world. Its no big surprise that I rather like this part of Pathfinder:Kingmaker as well. ---- As for the link I provided, it does show ships captured at sea. Its a bit odd for certain posters to claim not a single ship on that list was captured at sea, but all at port. Well, he did admit to being "not perfect" on his history, so I suppose that can be forgiven. Just a quick look at the first ships on the list shows that has a link and sufficient information, show that they were captured at sea, not port: HMS Salisbury, HMS Falmouth, Auguste, HMS Blackwell, HMS Pendennis... etc Thanks for a constructive debate, @InsaneCommander, @xzar_monty
  3. (I never get why people get so angry posting on these boards.... ) Nsshepsters, I simply showed that capture of ships in the open ocean did in fact occur countless times. This was also done by privateers. The list actually shows that, but for some reason you refuse to see that. I will not debate this point, as the volume of evidence speaks for itself. Capturing your own ships and using them for own profit is actually one feature I think is lacking in this game. You come as the Lord of Caed Nua, even having your own coat of arms. You should be able to (If you want the micro) to finance and build your own faction, appoint captains and merchants, set up trade routes and have your own little merchant marine. I just think the whole naval aspect of the game was a missed opportunity to be expanded upon.
  4. Plenty of ships captured in the age of sails, just check out this list for an incomplete but massive list for a single century. So its just better to ignore this part. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ships_captured_in_the_18th_century Anyway, I noticed that I overall took less damage closing and boarding the enemy ship than taking it out with cannons, since the game system lacks a proper way to maneuver to avoid enemy fire (at least when I played it a month after initial release). My dream would have been that this part of the game was similar to Sid Meier's Pirates! where you can capture, sell, sink ships in a more exciting combat system. I think the game would have been better served with a graphical representation of ship to ship combat. Make it turn based or real time with pause based.
  5. Completed the game about a month ago after waiting for some of the early patches. Thought I'd wait a few weeks before giving my thoughts on the game. Sorry if the following text is a bit random, I was writing down my thoughts as they came. Overall, I rather liked it. Its strong point is certainly the myriad of quests you get at Neketaka, and you almost feel a bit overwhelmed like we all were way back in Baldur's Gate II. That forces the completionist in me to take a rest and I go around doing whatever attracts me at the moment. A sense of urgency However, here comes the problem. I was really struggling to find justification for staying off the critical path of the game and just mess around doing all manners of quests. Every passing moment more and more lives are sucked dry to keep big man Eothas going, and I am busy saving some dwarf on a remote island, allowing weeks to pass? The game should have more breaks in the critical path. Maybe the player doesn't know right away where Eothas is headed, giving us time to mess around. I kept putting off the Ashen Maw quest, even though I knew it was "time critical". Once I finally did it, yet still having lots of stuff to do around Neketaka, I felt like I was entering the end game and that I had "rushed" the game. So... if one of the future DLCs can nudge this part of the game slightly, that would be cool. The ship navigation / pirate part of the game. The ship. First of all, I just kept making a beeline for the other ship as boarding right away saved my ship from unnecessary damage and potential crew injuries. There should be more incentive to defeat them with yer cannons our outmaneuver them? Anyway, the ship part of the game reminded me of Sid Meyers the Pirates, I still got the remake installed and play it from time to time. However, I think this part of the game should be greatly expanded upon. You should be able to be a trader, pirate hunter or a nasty pirate. The way see it, there should be a whole economic minigame here, where civil ships from various factions trade and affect local port prices. If you are a nasty pirate and board these trading ships, your reputation should take a severe hit, removing your ability to run your own trade venture. Yes, thats right, you should be able to set up trade routes and become an economic power when you start owning multiple ships. This would be the "peaceful" way to earn money if you feel like boarding every ship in sight is wrong. This trading consortium could become a local power in its own right, an extension of the Lord of Caed Nuas reach into the Deadfire :D Taking control of the Principi This is another more far out idea, but IMO you should be able to take control over the Principi one you kill/force/convince the other Princes that you are the right person for the job and they should do things your way. This would open up a more "neutral" victory in the game where you have gone your own way without really siding with anyone. This could also be combined with the Merchant Guild idea mentioned above, where you reform the Principi into a trading consortium. This is iirc touched upon in one of the endings if you kill off the two warring Principi leaders.
  6. You can kill everyone on tutorial island and still get off the island. Obsidian are nice that way
  7. As a casual gamer that played the game on classic, changes to classes don't really bother me. What I feel is potentially a bigger problem is the time and resources devoted to class mechanics and balance over storytelling. I'd hate to see the game such balancing go at the expense of a rich story and lots of interesting content. Thankfully it seems Obsidian has been well aware of this dilemma, and has pushed back proper class balancing post-launch. It might annoy players that play the game mainly for the tactical combat, but I think it was the right choice. (I also realize that people working on class balance won't work on writing and art, but the game still has a budget and its a question of allocation of resources)
  8. I made all my money boarding ships and selling all "blue" equipment. When I completed my first run yesterday, I had 500,000 credits after I had maxed out the ship equipment and bought most unique gear from the various vendors.
  9. Alright, so big man Eothas destroys the machine that keeps the reincarnation process going. Why is this such a big deal? If the Wheel was constructed by Kith at one time, there must be a "natural" process that predates it. The Wheels only function seems to be to siphon off a bit of soul energy for every cycle, keeping the gods alive. However, the game multiple times avoids this rather obvious solution to the problem, so what gives? Did I miss something? Is the Wheel truly ancient, predating the Engwithans? In the quest where you grab Bekarna's research there are hints to the stars being a source of arcane energy, and the Circle seem to see some great significance in this.
  10. Indeed! I tried the walk toggle first time into the town in the starter area and yeah, I walked around. Maybe on repeated playthroughs the novelty will wear off, but sure did wonders for my immersion.
  11. The post from Josh Sawyer that was posted here earlier indicates that it's due to variables being set incorrectly and the save import feature messing with negative flag values. Right now, the Edér and Vela import issues are the only known problems caused by this bug, but who knows, there may be more later in the game. I'll be optimistic and hope that by fixing the import system, they'll prevent any other related bugs from surfacing in the future, but until that hotfix, I'm keeping the game on hold because both the Edér and Vela bugs concern me. Thanks mate, I will be doing the same. I will try out some class combos and mess around a bit on the island. But hold off on pushing further until this is fixed
  12. Does anyone know more about the scope the "import save" choices bug? I really don't want to start a proper playthrough if all my choices in Pillars 1 are moot.
  13. It is a terrible prospect really, definitive proof that the gods exist. I don't think fantasy settings touch upon this nearly enough. In our world, religions invented various 'outs', you can have your sins forgiven and whatnot. I imagine the Pillars universe would be similar, and you wouldn't be forever destined for some hell like domain if you took a wrong turn. You'd end up with some sad world filled with zealots and anarchists that way. Those clinging to the "true path" by any means, and those that have had a misstep realize they have nothing more to lose, so why not go all out and making the most out of life before you suffer for eternity.. Of course, with souls being reborn and the Leaden Key doing their best to hide the truth I'd imagine the Pillars universe would have all sorts of philosophical sects as well. What determines who you are reborn as? Some sort of Karma system? Random chance? Is there an end to the cycle?
  14. It's sad to think that we've not even come further than what BG2 achieved in this regard, even if BG2's answer was still extremely linear, at least it caused players to reflect upon what the NPC was saying and consider their answers carefully. As you say, romance in most RPGs nowadays has devolved to 'choose the answer that has the heart next to it and receive instant adoration'. Where there are mechanics that allow the player to build up friendship points or whatever, as a barrier to romance progression, these rarely involve any critical reflection; usually they're just 'give random gifts until this person likes me, then I can **** them'. It's lazy, designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and it sickens me. I agree that most 'romances' in modern games are shallow, click the right choice and you eventually get rewarded with some soft porn. In the ME series I thought there was one thing Bioware managed very well, the (as a male Shepard) bromance with Garrus. I actually realized I cared for this guy and started picking him for missions. In ME3 I didn't have the heart to win in the friendly competition If Obsidian can take this approach, I am very interested. Already Eder has a bit of that Garrus quality, IMO.
  15. I will play on classic/normal. The PoE combat isn't that interesting for me, so I can't be bothered reading up on all the spells, effects, etc. I play the game for the story. From experiences in other games, you at one point tend to find a few rotations well suited to counter most of the stuff thrown at you. If you want the ultimate challenge in tactical gameplay, face off against a human opponent in Gargy Grigsby's War in the East. No game is ever the same
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