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  1. Thank you to everyone who responded. I was unaware that hold position had effects on accuracy, so thank you for that, ill try it. I also saw someone mention that you could opt out of naval combat? How is that done? Is it an option for a new game, something you can turn on/off mid game? How does it work, do you just go strait to the boarding action, or is there no fighting on the seas at all with this option? I would gladly turn off the combat portion, but boarding fights are my favorite in the game
  2. I've noticed that in the move to turn based, chanter summons have a laughably short lifetime, to the point of being almost useless. In real time most fights see my chanter summons last the whole fight, and even in long fights, they hang in for a while. On turn based its two rounds and they are gone, which is funny since it takes a couple rounds to cast them in the first place
  3. I'm not exaggerating when i say all of my characters are doing this all the time. I'm never sure when I actually cant do something
  4. I've noticed that in ship to ship boarding fights, the companions/sidekicks/hirelings that are not in my current party will often not use any abilities or cast any spells, but will just auto attack only
  5. Im not sure if anyone else has mentioned this one, but ship to ship boarding fights have several movement problems. First, no one can jump over the railing anymore. Friend, foe, and your own team are all stuck trying to move across the tiny gangplank and it just turns into a mess. This also leads to another problem (this could be game wide, but i found it in boarding) is characters that try to pass eachother on a narrow space get stuck together and neither can move at all on their turn. The last one is, the pathfinding for character movement will often try to take the character all around the boat rather than the simple path right in front of them, so when the move is executed, they go the wrong way.
  6. Maybe this has been covered already, but I'm new to the forum so i wanted to ask. What is going on with Naval combat? I'm pretty far into the game and I've done several dozen naval engagements and this is what I find: -The computer opponents, regardless of the quality of the cannoneers, nearly always hit me for max or near max damage. Seriously, I can easily count on one hand the number of times they have missed my ship, in most every conceivable distance and position arrangement -Meanwhile I miss most of my shots. When i had a sloop and a dow i missed almost all my shots and even with my grand Junk with advanced cannons i miss with at least 3 out of 5 cannons every time i fire (this is regardless of what type of cannonball i use). And before you ask, yes I'm making sure I'm only firing inside the optimal range for the cannons I'm using, and all my cannoneers are 3 stars or better Its gotten to the point that i just make a B line for the enemy ship to board the moment the engagement starts, and hope i don't lose too much hull and crew before I get there, and that is not any fun to me. Whats the point of building a big badass ship and crew if they operate like a blind guy shooting a bb gun from a floating bathtub?
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