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  1. My problem (the bit you might care about) The biggest mechanics issue for me currently is weapon swaps, as dumb as that sounds It feels incredibly bad "wasting" an entire standard action on it; it's really taking it out of the equation because 99.9% of the time the penalty is just too harsh, so you start ignoring the theoretical option. Effectively it locks down combat to one weapon set and makes the other(s) superfluous, which takes away strategic choices and, well, fun! My thoughts on possible solutions (the bit you probably won't care much about) The "easy fix" would be making it a fr
  2. Sweet - thanks for the reply, looking forward to the fix ^_^
  3. First of all: thankyouthankyouthankyou for making turn based combat! I love it, thank you! My feedback here is regarding voice cues from my character and companions during combat. They seem to *constantly* quip things like "can't do that" or similar, even when I've not asked them to do anything or they've just executed a command perfectly. It seems just moving the mouse or even having it still in a position which could theoretically result in an illegal move is enough to make them complain. It happens all the time, and that's only with 50% frequency set so I've had to disable their cues
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