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  1. I have been waiting to buy the game for a while and I'm just wondering if its stable enough to play. I dont mind long load times but I dont like random crashing? How stable is the game after the last patch? I see some complaints but it seems to only come from a few people.
  2. I have not played yet so I can not tell you of the actual content of the game but some of the designers from their twitter seem left of Obama.
  3. How is nerfing things other people might rely on making the game better? How is nerfing a single player game something they should be doing when people have been complaining over boring combat, bad ship battles, no dungeons, and short main game path. Why would anyone spend any time or money what so ever on removing, or lessening abilities when there is so many other things so much more important.
  4. I'm not playing yet so I can not answer your question but how long is the shift? In Pillars 1 it seemed like a decent amount of time. I wanted to play shifter but I am very afraid they nerfed everything too harshly for deadfire.
  5. The developers or some developers of this game seem to have a fixation on narrative and the rest of the RPG mechanics get a short shaft. They could have easily made the level cap 50 and made it so that you leveled for the entire game. But a low level cap means you focus on their story and not your personal progression. I dislike when developers have agendas other then the enjoyment of the game.
  6. The nerfhammer I played a lot combos in beta and almost all are nerfed to some degree, Unbroken/wizard(no longer trigger disengagement attack when enemy flees), Kind wayfarer/Helwalker(nerf of FoD, nerf of Lightning strike), Monk with rod(rod blast can trigger Swift flurry and has cascade effect, instantly kill a bunch of enemy). Rogue/Wizard(aoe from rod and blight no longer triggers affliction). Ranger/Berath priest(wounding is nerfed to only based on weapon damage, was applied to total damage in beta 3). Now I'm playing a Devoted/Soulblade(cleave and soul annihilation) and a Sharpshoot
  7. in POE1 I was max level 1/2 through the game. The problem with CRPG is that they are tied so hard to this idea of you cant go over this level of power (until the first DLC increases the level cap by 5 just so everyone has incentive to buy it)
  8. I'm not playing right off the bat. I want to play a shifter druid with some other melee class to complement but I'm afraid that the devs will nerf the everlasting gobstopper out of druids before I play. So its up in the air for me. I like certain things but I wont play a underpowered class combination.
  9. Anyone have the time stats on Flesh Communion. Its the only thing about Corpse Eater Barbarian I cant find online. How long does it take to eat someone?
  10. I think you have jumped the gun a bit here. You are speaking as though you have a crystal ball witch you obviously dont. From what i can tell the only noticeable changes are the casting system and resting (mainly how resting affects casting). Yes i do wish they left casting alone but i may possibly be thinking that way because " I would rather stick with what i know", eg now i have to go through the hassle of relearning the casting system again and finding out how it works best. This will take time and could be considered work that i wouldn't have to do had they not changed the castin
  11. Using the web really hurts replay, try not to use any guides or faqs on the first play through so everything is fresh and chaotic. Then you can run through again with a new party for that perfect play through.
  12. In the beginning the forum will sing its praises as is their usual play. But the metacritic rating will not exceed or match Pillars (89). Nor will its steam rating be as high (85% positive) A game can change its setting, it can change its tone, it can change its mechanics, but it will lose fans when it does all 3 in its very next sequel. Many non super fans who did not follow it for weeks or months on end will not understand the need for changes on many mechanics. They will be looking for pillars and will be getting something very different. Many of the reviewers like IGN will probably pun
  13. 5 bucks that nexus has a mod that removes the crew food/pay requirements with in 1 month of release.
  14. Im going to give the game several months of emergency patches, hot fixes and balance nerfs before I even maybe decide to play it. I have a feeling that hopefully many things will change after feed back and reviews come out.
  15. It’s indeed really odd for the devs in this day and age to try to improve their game’s design. Isn’t selling the same thing over and over again good enough? Why do they need to try to make their games better? It’s as if they care about their games and audience, or something. Really really odd. Better: of a more excellent or effective type or quality. Pillars would have been better without crashes Pillars would have been better without every increasing loading times How does nerfing things make a game more excellent? I guess better is subjective. But I would think performance is
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