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  1. Aha, so wiki is wrong, ingame text is wrong, but writing is good, we just don't see it anywhere except in secret writer's notes in his bedroom. That's your story? Also, if you're writing for a computer game, and no one comprehends your writing (as seen on wiki, as seen on this forum) then that's bad writing. In fact, just look at this thread. Few of you are correcting each other, and this one guy is saying "I used to believe.." "but now I believe..". What is the writing for then? I can just as well say "well I believe Eothas is a lizard and Eora is flat". Hogwash. Btw, wiki isn't done
  2. Unfortunately some of this doesn't apply to my playstyle. I know that most of the time you can use a chokepoint but the emphasis is on "most of". In PotD Ironman there is no second chance. Also, I play in a party which means that abilities have different values. For example, "Set to Their Purpose.." is much better in a party than solo for obvious reasons. I agree that you need less invocations if multiclassing with wizard (I had in mind pure Chanter), but I still have to ask - are there boss battles that are long enough for you to run out of wizard spells? Or Empower takes care of that?
  3. This has nothing to do with how I think gods should be or are. I'm not talking about real life theology here which is why I'm not using capital letters. I expect from every story to be internally consistent. Someone being a god of "justice" while no human considers it to be so, nor does the god act like it, probably does not even consider himself/herself/itself (add your favorite politically correct pronoun) to be so, and yet the wiki/game states "god of justice" - that's hogwash. You can call it poetic liberty. I'll quote Xoti and say hogwash. If humans were suddenly able to fly in PoE and th
  4. All gods being massive hypocrites and their attributes having nothing to do with how their act is.. *drum roll* .. is bad writing. The attributes of the gods are not fancy letters on their robes. They reflect their personalities. You don't read Greek mythology and then about how Athena was a pupil with "special needs" in school. Either gods really do have some attribute, or others believe they do, and thus they are considered a "god of x", but here neither is the case. Alright, thanks. So tl;dr version is that Eothas is a sort of a good guy who is trying to destroy the Whee
  5. You can tell a badly written story by the fact that no one knows wtf is going on because everything is vague, incomplete, incoherent, things contradict one another and so on. Just look at the forum - endless debates on "what the writer had in mind". A good writer writes what he has in mind, and then if you have a deep mind you get even more out of it. A bad writer writes a lot of mumbo jambo and throws a bunch of "deep" words in in order to create an appearance of depth and meaning. Positive example here is Tolkien - his works are the result of clear and powerful mind. You know who is fighting
  6. I've yet to see how their survival is later on, so can't comment on that. So far my summons do die, in a full party of 5, although I don't think I had all of them die yet. Later on summons do seem to have very high hp, but whether they die or not I've yet to see for myself before commenting. Still, as for not dying later on, at higher PL level Troubadour/Shildbearer could cast "Set to their Purpose" while skeleton Chant is on and with Brisk Recitation, and then just spam Lay on Hands on recharge (you become immortal, unless I missed something). Put combat speed on maximum and sooner or lat
  7. It's 4x more hp, but since Beckoner can have twice as many, it's effectively 2x more hp versus single-target attacks. Versus AoE Beckoner's summons do much worse unless they're spread out. Surface area is irrelevant except for bodyblocking because there's enough space for attack, especially since you can cast summons behind enemies. Some summons are also ranged so it's a non-issue, and I'm not sure Drake takes any surface area (just flies?). This is another case of win-more. If you don't have enough surface area to attack, you probably won the battle and now it's just a matter of how fast
  8. I just had the same reaction! Those skeletons were just... I mean they are probably strong, been hearing a lot about the greatness of beckoners but... Size matters ok?! :D Actually, I would say that in serious encounters Troubadour's summons are stronger. Beckoner's summons are win-more summons. If battles are easy, Beckoner will win faster. That's all there is to it. Troubadour's summons have 4x more hp, last much longer, are much bigger and so they can block corridors more or less just as well as more numerous but smaller summons, and at PL7 Troubadour can block enemies much
  9. What exactly do Wisps do? I tried the basic version and they do almost no dmg and no additional effects. Is it about their upgrade and how good is that? Also, if someone is in the last 1/3 of the game, do higher level summons even die? They seem to have a lot of hp, but their damage is very disproportional (low). At least that's the case with Dragon, Drake and Swamp plant. It could be by design that Weapons and Ogres provide more damage, but still, they die? PS: As for animated weapons.. Boring. They may be the best numbers-wise but come on, I just can't believe that top level summo
  10. No, because Beckoner's summons are so tiny that ogres probably look like midgets. I created Beckoner just to see how much smaller summons are, and as soon as I spawned those skeletons on lvl1 I said no thanks. Wyrms look like mosquitos. Although, in all fairness, Ogres are so huge that maybe even with Beckoner they would look okay as some kind of human-sized barbarians.
  11. Although I'm no fan of skeletons and necromancy, I would currently have to go with PL7 Chant that spawns skeletons, on a Troubadour with Brick Recitation and as high INT as you can get. This is what I'm aiming at. There's so much utility and synergy potential here. Notable mentions: Dragon looks great, and the ground shakes as he moves. But his attacks are kinda meh. No special attack animation, nothing, just an ordinary number pops up as he deals damage. Swamp plant looks cool, and attack animation is better, but still a bit lacking in satisfaction. If we don't count those skeletons,
  12. Chanter Troubadour, solo class, full party (more or less, companions/sidekicks only). Reached level 5 (PotD Ironman). I don't badly need any Invocation or Chant right now (although I might select one for fun and then respec later on when I get a better chant that I actually want). This leaves me with 1-2 ability points. Am I going to get anything out of putting points in +10 Will, or +10 Fortitude, or +10 Reflex? Someone said enemies don't attack will defense much in PoE2. I am too early in the game to know what I'll need later on. So far I haven't noticed enemies attacking any of the
  13. You don't want Beckoner and here's why: 1. Beckoner summons are tiny. That was the first thing that I noticed in the description of a subclass, so I went to test it and was greatly disappointed. Wyrms look like mosquitoes. 2. There is a higher level chant that spawn skeletons. Troubadour can spawn 100% more skeletons because of Brisk Recitation. I'm not a fan of skeleton summons because I'm not into necromancy, but this ability is fun to use. I don't know how effective they are in end game, because I only tested it with the console by leveling up my character and then sailing arou
  14. But I don't roleplay as a bad guy Others did nothing to me. I made sure during combat not to accidentally hit the fisherman. And I like Eothas from what I've read about him so far (including what happens at the end of PoE2, if I understood it correctly), even considered creating a Priest of Eothas as my character, but I'm not sure that would be fun. I always preferred Chanters, and besides, I'm not sure two priests would be that useful or interesting (Xoti seems like a nice companions so far, minus her mild cursing and affection for Eder (not liking Eder since he fought against Eothas)).
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