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  1. As an isometric RPG lover myself, you pretty much opened my eyes to a new perspective that I (regrettably) didn't think of. Thank you for that. While I won't take back the words I said before , I will at least subdue my frustration. Hats off to you. Clear skies
  2. Also guys, I used the word triggered cause in my poor understanding I thought it kinda meant something like "by an action my frustration and inner voice surfaced". I am sorry if it's wrong but let's please not focus on that, it's beside the scope of the post. EDIT: Also stop answering there cannot be bug free games. I never said I except bug free releases ( quite the contrary ). Also "most bugs" or "80%"( which is clearly used as an equivalent to " many " and not literally ) does not mean ALL and will never do.
  3. Gloomseeker thanks for the reply. I can get how my complaining can be irksome , but I don't see any ranting. Except if you wanna imply that what I say are things I create from my imagination just to badmouth obsidian.( which I dont believe you do ) There is a fundamental difference between knowing that the game wont be fully patched or balanced and knowing that a company will try to make paid customers as testers or that their plan is to release>fixbugs>polish instead of fixbugs>release>fix new and some leftover bugs>polish. And of course I am going to complain about th
  4. The problem is that there shouldn't be THAT many reports in the first place, not if they respond to those. Hardware/visuals bugs are allowed ( to some degree ). As per "when the game is ready", its simple. The game is ready when a satisfactory percentage of your testers report that they finished the game without any bugs in the gameplay/storyprogression elements of the game. And since they are in a competitive environment as you say , you can change the "any bugs" restriction to "leaving minor&&timeconsuming bugs for a future patch". But for the love of gods how you can relea
  5. Thank you very much dude, you seriously made my day.... Was searching for that info for 6 Google pages.. SIX... and we all know you have to stop when you reach the second one. Time to create my dream team .
  6. I beg sharing your Oh-mighty knowledge on the following questions : 1. Can Pellagina and Xoti stay in the same party even after their supposed fight?( important ) 2. Does Pellagina leave if I side with Rautain?? 3. Does Maia leave if I side with Valians?? 4. Maia and Pallegina stay in the same group? ~Seems like Pallegina is a real problem girl....~
  7. Since when paying full price means: -I will be getting frustrated because of numerous bugs ruining my first ( and most important ) experience with the game ? -I have to create an extra account so I will report some of the bugs I encounter, essentially being a tester? ( and in my case your posts being ignored for no reason , but this is more of a personal matter so you can ignore I even mentioned this ). -I will be playing an unbalanced game? -I will be thanked constantly for my feedback or whatever like I joined some kind of cult that wants my money and keep saying Thanks in th
  8. Drowned Barrows are full of bugged fog of war which makes it impossible to loot things except if you are trying from the right angle.
  9. Priest of Margan offhand summoned sword doesn't apply the extra fire damage ( the pistol is working properly ).
  10. Thanks, appreciated a lot. ( you are missing the aforementioned shield from the Dark Cupboard, in case you are wondering) So it seems we got options for MedShields, even though I still dont like any of them ((((
  11. Can someone tell me how does this work? When I have PotD activated with LvL scaling I get the PotD bonuses only, no scale at all. So my question is, when you have both this options activated do the monster start scaling when you are above the base lvl of the monster PLUS the 5 levels or are the PotD extra levels are added AFTER the level scale? For example: ( Lets assume I am lvl 6 ) Sporelings are base lvl of value 2 so we got +3 bonuses for stats. With PotD only activated Sporelings become lvl 2+5=7 so we get bonuses (+3) + (+15) for stats. ( the +15 are labeled differ
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