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  1. I don't know how easy this is to fix of a bug, but Wael's Illusory Aegis replaces spirit shield for wizards. Wizards are straight up unable to cast spirit shield with the mod installed.
  2. This is awesome! I've been playing a priest of berath with this and it feels ****ing stellar. I'm gonna wait until you release magran to continue because that's the one I really want to play ;D
  3. 5 seconds is a round. I don't know about action speed, but as for %duration, and at each 5 second interval is a "breakpoint" where the ability duration is extended by a round. Say a buff has a 30 second base duration, and with int modifiers it lasted 44 seconds. Round it down to 40 and that would be 8 rounds. This means you need to have 100% buff duration to extend a short buff by a round. Makes playing an assassin spellcaster harder because 30 int can be kinda tricky to get and you can't finish casting a spell before being stealthed wears off unless you have 2 rounds of invis
  4. Man, I hear you Here you go: Though honestly the godhammer plate with the 2H battle axe is more badass IMO: The new 2H sword is perfect for the "gold knight" setup: Now I just need the Sanguine Plate for my Watcher to be Little Red Murder Hobo (well, not so little, being an aumaua.) do you have the stats/effects of the gear? or is there anywhere online I can check?
  5. Obvious one is that helmet that prevents interrupts while injured in conjunction with grimoire of vaporous wizardry. Another great one is the mask from the vithrack in delver's row that gives +2 illusion PL with the wael scepter from the south part of the map that you can enchant to give +3 PL. +5 illusion PL is a HUUUGE duration increase when you cast ryngrim's enervating terror, considering terrified is easily one of the best afflictions in the game, which you apply in a gigantic foe aoe. magran's favor battleaxe with the ring that gives +10 accuracy to fire keyword attacks is great
  6. A real ****ing bummer. I actually restarted after I picked that amulet up on my wizard, thinking "wow this would be amazing on a fire godlike dps paladin", only to find out it's bugged.
  7. No, they are all items that are otherwise available. Still, they are incredibly good - especially the cloak of deflection/protection that go for 775 each, and the 3000 gold gloves that gives wizards a +2 PL boost to evocation spells (that's an extra projectile on all missile spells in addition to the damage bonus of missile spells)
  8. Idk how you're playing but my priest of magran watcher and aloth are absolutely tearing **** apart on potd
  9. So in pillars 1 casters could be gods, spamming shadowflames to annihilate bosses and stacking shining beacons and storms of holy fire to obliterate the thickest of mobs. But with massively bloated casting times in deadfire, is it still possible? Cleave-capable melee characters can do the same amount of damage as spells without expending resources and also attacking faster, in addition to being sturdier. How can my priest of magran or evocation wizard compare to a barbarian's carnage or a greatsword fighter's cleave stance?
  10. I didn't scrub through the entire thread to check if somebody already told you this - but starting this friday you'll be able to preload the game on steam. So if you have **** internet you can still play on release : )
  11. Holy ****, you're a wonderful person. Thank you for this. Also, I'm overjoyed to see that quarterstaff - staff-wielding mages is one of my favorite archetypes that I couldn't optimize in PoE because most of the staves simply weren't good on casters (the fireball staff was nice, though, I ended up using that so my priest of magran could pretend to be a wizard)
  12. Why would you multi trickster and wizard? You're giving up so much sneak attack damage for illusion spells that wizard already has anyways or/and you're giving up many schools of magic for illusion abilities which you have some access to already from trickster.
  13. If you're set on having max res I would move 8 points from con into might, having a character that can only tank is pretty damn useless. With more might not only will you be able to contribute damage, but you'll also heal a lot more. You'll still be getting fortitude, and though your max hp pool is smaller, your effective HP will be significantly higher given that lay on hands, your only zeal-spending ability, is a lot more effective.
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