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  1. Been finding that Escape is now a solid tanking ability because the +50 Deflection lasts a whole round. Or it might just be less finicky to use it in this way than in RTWP. I teleport my rogues into the middle of mobs and they enjoy +50 deflection against a whole round of attacks against them.
  2. Veteran now has stat increases for enemies, although smaller than PoTD. Relaxed and Classic are the only dififculties that don't change enemy stats now. Pretty easy to mod out though. I've tried a modded version of Rym's challenge where it includes Woedica's stipulation that only prepared meals cure injuries. At first I really liked it, resource management felt really meaningful compared to vanilla, but I found the combination of the two to be overly strict, even with longer shelf life for food. I removed the Woedica mod and found Rym's challenge to still be very enjoyable on its own.
  3. The conversion rate is 1 round = 5 seconds, so you have to increase the duration of something by 5 seconds to get an extra round out (as far as I understand it).
  4. There's the fight with Ser Cauthrien in Dragon Age: Origins that is unwinnable for most players; if you're quite good at the game and metagame a little you can beat it and the game will go on. I wasn't around for the release for this game, but I don't see any teeth gnashing in the fandom about it. This is probably because losing the fight leads directly to a cutscene that starts one of the more popular quests in the game. I think it is cheesy how a good amount of the difficulty comes from Cauthrien's stats being absurdly jacked up, but that's also a larger problem with the humanoid enemies in DAO in general.
  5. I actually doubt the significant reason for this lack of feature is for character's sake. The original multiclassing design would've allowed you to make, say, Aloth, a Level 1 Wizard and a Level 19 Barbarian if you wanted, on which Josh Sawyer simply said it was up to the player whether they wanted to build companions in some wacky out-of-character way. Since you have to choose what classes a companion is when they join, I suspect giving any more options would've been overwhelming for new players.
  6. Some of it will come down to us getting used to the idea of rounds, I think - one round lets you do a lot of things. And when you think about it, you weren't getting a whole lot of mileage out of INT when it came to short duration effects, either - at 20 INT, 5 seconds became 7.5 seconds. However, I think it unarguably feels bad that you really have to pump INT to feel any benefit on some things. Even though it was relatively small, INT still gave you benefits on short buffs in RTWP. Perhaps INT scaling bonuses need to be bigger, or effect durations could be more aggressively rounded up, e.g., having 7 seconds round up into 2 rounds. Maybe a more granular stat could also govern duration? The same way Initiative determines who acts when in a round, some stat could increase effect durations within a round on a similar basis.
  7. No Pen No Pen No P- Poll's sitting at 1/3 DR, 2/3 AR now. I wonder what the results would be like if he polled here instead of on twitter. Presumably more people into the nitty gritty of mechanics around here.
  8. Would anyone know how to give Carnage attacks an AoE marker? This one's been bothering me since the beta but I only just remembered it now.
  9. When I hover over an ability's listed duration (in rounds), it displays the duration in seconds. Related, attributes still display RTWP benefits, like Action Speed for Dex and % duration for Int. Does anybody know the actual numbers for how Int effects durations in rounds?
  10. Would also like to know this. One of my mods edits a lot of entries in abilities and attacks.gamedatabundle, and a few in statuseffects. Would I have to update them for the patch?
  11. This has been kind of a pet peeve of mine as well. I'd also like to be able to see what their abilities do in the Bestiary; the names alone aren't very informative. Same deal with status effects in combat tooltips; you kind of have to dig through the combat log to get an idea of what their status effects are doing.
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