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  1. So according to the Wiki, you have 5 ways to get to Ukaizo: - do it yourself with upgraded ship - trigger war between factions (huana) - assassinate the queen (rauitai) - blow up rauitai (VTC) - floating hangman (principi) Source: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Coming_Storm Now before I correct/add to this info on the wiki, I would like confirmation from y'all that what I claim is correct: In my game I wanted the Estoc, Engoliero do Espirs, so I thought I'd take that quest chain to where you get it. Nearing the end, I started worrying from what I read online that I couldn't get it without siding with the principi, since all online sources name it at the end of this questline. However, I have just tried this in game: 1. Kill Aeldys 2. Return to Furrante and get the quest update. 3. Go to see, summon the Floating Hangman 4. Defeat Lucia 5. Now you have the hangman and the estoc. At this point, I just didn't return to Furrantes, and while I'm not done with the game, I tried sailing to Ukaizo to see what would happen. Sure enough, the game lets me sail through with the hangman and upon arrival, the quest updates saying I sailed there alone. Can others confirm that you can do this and I haven't bugged out the game or sommat? If so the Wiki can be updated. Also, if this is possible, it might also be possible to go with other factions even after having secured the Hangman?
  2. I have beat her on potd rtwp, but on TB even with five interrupters I can't stop the instant double Llengrath's. And I'm trying a no spirit-help run.
  3. Could you expand on this? I am currently looking for ways to beat her on TB, and my jaw dropped when seeing this. I don't understand the discrepancy, because in my game the cast is instant. Neriscyrlas starts casting, and then next up in initiative window it takes effect. I've tried multiple things to get into that window but nothing. So I don't even get to react to the casting. In fact, it can cast TWO of them in the same turn, instantly, without the opportunity for you to react.
  4. Suspected bug: after I choose the dialogue to recruit Vatnir and he accepts, I am offered no choice to choose his class, and he is not in my party management screen. Instead, he just stands around with a blue circle. Clicking him prompts a lines of dialogue like "Yes yes, I'm here" and "Let us finish this quickly" (it doesn't open the the dialogue window, just floating voice lines over his head) but otherwise does nothing. Link to save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q8hsgepd03i1mqu/Ismiya (HarbingersRetreat) (9dece2d9-3630-4daf-897a-63ed05412b48) (LAX-123ABCDEFGHI) (938430480).savegame?dl=0
  5. Confirmed, still a massive hassle. Even skill sellers and other random npcs turn hostile, they can even do so right at the start of combat before any actions have been taken and they're on the other side of the map
  6. EDIT: It works! I reinstalled the game, and now it functions as it should. Still don't know what was wrong, but oh well. So, I know about the fact that you graze from 1-49 in Turn Based. All the same, I decided to make Aloth a Wizard/Rogue using the Staff modal with Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff and all the Wizard's deflection buffs as well as the huge deflection buff on Escape. And sure enough, even through the nerfed Miss/Grace of Turn Based, I'm getting tons of misses. However, I have not see Riposte procced even once. For testing purposes, I placed Aloth in the middle of the 10 or so beetles in Oathbinder's Sanctum and observed. Must have seen 50 misses without a Riposte proc. So either I am missing something, or Riposte is bugged? EDIT: Link to my save file..
  7. The Beast of Winter Dragon fight is easily the worst designed encounter in both Pillars fights. I'm playing on PotD, and generally the difficulty has been nowhere near as hard as Pillars 1. I've completed almost all content at this point never having to reload more than 2 or 3 times on the hardest fights. Having fought the dragon multiple times at multiple different levels, my party consisting of Paladin/Chanter, Xoti, Tekehu, Serafen and Maia completely stalemate the fight due to my party's self-heal and the Dragon's ditto + its Llengrath's Safeguard. Since I have no arcane dampener and haven't leveled Maia Rua's tranq shot, I can't get rid of the safeguard. Due to Beast of Winter encounters being designed for boring tank-bloat instead of the enemies being threatening, this results in 30-40 minute fights with the drake in which none of my party members die, but they also can't kill the dragon. In my latest attempt I have leveled to 18 and Legendary-enchanted Maia Rua's Red Hand in an attempt to brute force the encounter. And it actually seem to work! After 37 minutes of combat the dragon was brought to about 50% of its last health bar, and it seemed like I was doing 5-6 more damage than her self heal, so the end was in sight. Then she used her jump ability and never came down. The fight was caught in an eternal stalemate of buggyness. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of frustration caused by first such poor encounter design and now a fight-stopping bug on top.
  8. Reading @adragojlovic's reply to this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99944-bugcannot-respec-to-1st-level-abilities-and-weapon-proficiencies/ gives me the impression I should be able to respec my level 1 abilities. This doesn't seem to be possible for me - when I buy a respec, I'm only allowed to changed the things I chose upon leveling up. I'm a Level 2 Paladin/Chanter and would like to change my Level 1 phrase to another phrase.
  9. Hi guys. So I'm told that the option you picked at the end of PoE1 should be highlighted once you have to tell Berath what you chose. However there's no highlight in my game (see screenshot) - what gives?
  10. It has nothing to do with CON, characters with higher CON than Aloth can't do it.
  11. Thanks for your replies! Pretty much what I expected. Though I didn't know the effects procced on Carnage - that does sound fun. Maybe for my next playthrough though, I'm a newb on PotD so I don't have much room for zany options
  12. Which is better in your opinion? I think I will switch St. Ydwen's out with one of these on Maneha, but I am undecided. Leaning towards Blade of the Endless since it can be enchanted, though.
  13. According to this guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=416939844 As well as many other sources, they do not both apply. Of course, the sources might be outdated and this issue fixed - but I need confirmation if that's the case.
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