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  1. Are you sure I am still breaking invis using DOT abilities. Perhaps the ones that kill invis for me are item related.
  2. Noticed I can recreate your bug as well. It appears that Raw damage over time from poisons on enemies or from bleeding also kills stealth prematurely.
  3. I have found a potential bug, it appears that raw damage over time from things such as deep wounds kick player characters out of invisibility from abilities such as smoke veil and shadowing beyond. This also seems to be affected by corrode damage from abilities such as toxic strike.
  4. Why would you get flak ? Combat skills being per encounter really helped alot of the classes and playstyles to actually be viable. Take the rogue being able to go into stealth per encounter for "backstabbing" is now viable due to per encounter skills.
  5. Could you elaborate? I can perhaps see the "chore" part, as combat required more of the player's attention in the original. But, since most fights in Deadfire do not reward or punish the player for paying attention and actually using tactics, I'm failing to see how most combats are actually interesting in Deadfire? POE2 combat seems to require more micro something I really enjoy. POE1 really did not.
  6. Hopefully stealth becomes vital and far more in depth. Stealth gameplay in Crpgs is extremely fun when it is powerful enough and worthwhile to invest in. One good example would be Baldurs gate with the Assasin or any rogue class, sneaking in for massive backstab crits, or Divinity Original sin pre EE when you could stealth in combat. The Assassin Subclass in POE 2 is making me optimistic.
  7. Can I be honest. Not a fan of any of them. Then again I only liked like 3 of the companions in Pillars of Eternity. Companions are kinda lackluster imo.
  8. I dont see how 5 person parties are a console centric thing. I thought they wanted a smaller party size in order to reduce the cluster battles from pillars 1. I dont blame them either so many of the battles in POE1 was a mess with spells and masses of people cluttering the entire screen making it hard to even tell who was friend or foe let alone any tactical gameplay.
  9. It makes no sense for somebody who has not trained for years under a master to be able to craft weapons. But I guess we shouldn't use realism arguments. But please not this. If you can make your own daggers with your own special powers then I will have to make my own daggers unless I want to have inferior daggers. And I REALLY do not want to make my own daggers. Doesn't the watcher learn a dead language in POE1 by merely talking to an undead woman. I am sure he could master something as simple as smithing to some degree quickly.
  10. Does that really apply to a niche, pc centric digital only release though ? I can see how this would apply to a mainstream console game with wide distribution across all areas but a CRPG could probably get away with more.
  11. Solo might be really viable when combined with stealth mechanics, perhaps the assasin class will shine here. Backstab crit from stealth, deal damage and poison, go back into stealth and wait for agro to drop and repeat.
  12. I guess I must be in the minority, I love crafting and was hoping it was way more intricate and detailed in POE 2. Talking about smelting weapons to make iron and steel bars to make my own daggers with my own properties.
  13. How would you like gore or gibbing to be treated in Pillars 2 ? In pillars 1 gore is treated like it was in Baldurs gate and Baldurs gate 2. Very simplistic gibbing that reminds me of a person getting shot by a rail gun in Quake. While this method worked fine for games made in the 90s we have come to expect more in modern games. Would you guys be open to gore being treated by like it was done in fallout 1 and fallout 2. Intricate kill animations and detailed gore based on the attack , weapon type, enemy type. From a presentation standpoint it looks amazing and at the same time looks highly professional. I have attached above just a sampling of the kill animations and advanced gore seen in fallout 1 and 2. So would you the community be open to a more elaborate gore system and kill animation system other than what was seen in pillars 1 ?
  14. How can you possibly assume that to be so ? If it is anything like the countless CRPG's before it poe 2 will be linear just like POE 1.
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