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  1. I accidentally found the culprit behind these insane long load game times... In the game there are six harbor town/cities. Port Maje, Neketaka, Dunnage, Tikewara, Sayuka and Splintered Reef. These places have "supplies" button for purchasing ship supplies once the ship is in the harbor. I clicked on this button somewhere at the beginning of the game (I think in Port Maje), only to notice that I had no need for those kind of general ship supplies so I ignored these "shops" during the game. Now I happened to once again click on this button in Dunnage and the game was frozen for nearly
  2. I don't know if this is just me, but I am finding loading of the saved games, unbearable in the late game. I have SSD and I have no problem with area loading time (which is quick) but as soon as I initiate loading of the saved game, it needs over 2 minutes to complete! At the beginning of the game, it was quick, but as game progressed, it was getting longer and longer. I suspect it is related to the world map, as it seems to me that the more of the Deadfire world map was uncovered the longer loading time was getting. Is there something I can do about this or is this just the way it i
  3. This is my top problem with RPG games with involving story and many deep characters. Which are, btw, rare and few to meet those criteria, hence one of the reasons why this problem is not as exposed, I believe. Often it makes choosing party for some quest, a real chore. I am not a single playthrough guy, but multi playthrough is not a solution to this problem. Some missed lines and even one-two whole quests are not enough to warrant the whole new 100 hours long game (and my games are usually that long because I like to peek under every rock) yet it is annoying to me, when in a current playthro
  4. Why is the stuff the Goldpact Knights and Bleak Walkers are fanatical about more absurd than the stuff the Wayfarers or Shieldbearers are fanatical about? Well, Bleak Walkers I kinda understand, although I personally don't like idea... it's somehow, too raw. As for Goldpacts, nope, just nope. If you actually mean to ask, I doubt, you would understand or agree anyway.
  5. Removal of Goldpact order. Burn it with fire, and pretend it never existed in lore, since it's absurd I am not exactly fine with Bleak Walkers either, but at least I can understand wider reasoning for introducing those.
  6. Well... I also heard that there was a mod for Baldur's Gate 2, used for skipping the Irenicu' dungeon at the beginning of the game. All that I can say about reasoning behind this... it's completely alien to me. Party members complementing each other, is a big advantage of party-play, indeed. However, well crafted solo parts should take that in consideration as well. Vast majority of game is about the party-play anyway, and I doubt that player can create a character so incapable of standing on its own, especially considering all the equipment stuff (bloat) that is present in usual Obsidian'
  7. In Baldur's Gate 2 solo parts were dreams for example. And I quite enjoyed them. However, those parts of the game, were more player controlled cutscenes than the real game. No encounters, no foes to fight (unless we count half-serious fight with manifestation of Bhaal), nothing. It is like whenever solo moments come up, designers want to rush player though them as quickly as possible so that game could switch back to party-play. Almost like they have some OOC fear of the very idea of solo-play (such being reserved only for Diablo and other less serious, action RPGs). Such train of thoughts is
  8. No, no, I am not suggesting that the whole game should be played solo. Vast majority of the game should be designed for a party of five, of course. But sometimes there are some parts during the story (like, in my opinion, that final, fourth chapter of PoE main story) where party looks more forced upon than it makes sense to be present. Thus game should switch to solo-play (or smaller party) during those parts, since solo-play has certain advantages over party-play that would simply make gameplay and immersion better at those points, if designed well.
  9. Common arguing whether 'party-play' is better than 'solo-play' or vice versa, is wrong in my opinion. Both should be respected and made to complement each other in a good story. It's almost like there is (or at least was) this unwritten rule where solo-play in serious party based RPG is perceived as pure blasphemy. However, I think this is a nonsense, as in truth each one has its strengths and weaknesses. Biggest advantage of solo-play is full, undivided control over the combat and various item strategies, and real chance to see how well can main character stand on it's own. To me, it is also
  10. Just to clarify, I do not advocate any of the mentioned solutions. I am not too happy with either of them (perhaps solution 2 might be the good starting point). These examples are just some quick thoughts of mine, how to tackled the problem... Basically, as long as this is sorted out somehow, without breaking something in the process, I am probably fine with any solution that devs might come up with. And I disagree with this... ...it is too little to matter in replaying of the game, yet a shame to lose during the current game. Particularly when after some quest, I am suddenly well a
  11. This one thing buggers me and would like if Obsidian could address it somehow in all future RPGs... As complexity of all available party members (deep backgrounds, personal quests, dialogue moments, main story involvement, etc.) is rising too high, particularly in Obsidian and Bioware RPGs, something really needs to be done about dispersion of all those characters during first playthrough. For a while now, whenever I see a new potential party member, I don't feel fun, but very unpleasant feeling of burden, unless its beginning of the game and there are still free slots in the party. Discoveri
  12. There has been quite a few patches to the game so far, but according to this topic... https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/82923-203-cant-finish-song-of-the-wild-quest/ ...I am not sure if Song of the Wild task is working correctly. "Song of the Heaven" talent is given as reward also in case when Delem is persuaded three times NOT to eat each of three birds. Is this intended behavior or not? I don't want my character to receive talent out of bug. Other than this... Is it just me, or this talent is quite serious reward for such a trivial task? And assuming this is not bug, it is rather annoyi
  13. I was in the middle of the game -- both PoE 2.02 and WH1 2.02 installed -- when I decided to patch it to 2.03. Just in case patcher bugs something up (like report wrong version which happened to me in the past), I simply re-downloaded full PoE 2.03 and full WM1 2.03, de-installed the current game and installed new one. Everything went well and reported version is now 2.03. However... as soon as I loaded the last save, I noticed few broken and few weird things: - Mail coif helmet doesn't show up on female characters anymore. On male characters it works fine. Any other type of helmet that I tri
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