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  1. Bump. Anyone else who has experienced this or knows a workaround? My game is currently on hold in the hopes this can be figured out.
  2. Hi, Are there any updates to this? I have just recruited Maia, and the dialogue icon for her pops up when this happens. When I attempt to speak with her it states that "Maia simply glares at you". I didn't sacrifice her brother in PoE1, and I can't think of any quests which I may have completed which would cause her to turn on me as soon as I've recruited her. Any ideas on whether this is a bug that will be fixed soon? Can I edit a text doc or is there a console command for me to change my standing with her to open dialogue? P.S. I am up to date with all patches through Steam
  3. It's a tough call, which is good because it shows the many fun options in builds. But for my first complete playthrough, I'd like to focus on story and the role I wish to play - so I'm going with single class Priest of Eothas. Also wanting to cast the top tier spells was another influence. It will also make me more interested in building my companions well as my MC will be buffing and supporting them primarily. A protagonist who acts like the general or glue in the team, who has a way with words and a mind for peace, renewal and protection. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. It doesn't remove afflictions in an AoE, it doesn't buff in an AoE, it doesn't revive in an AoE - it doesn't do a lot of things a Priest can do better actually. That's because yopur Wizard only uses self buffs while the Priest is buffing the whole party. How OP would it be if he could cast Blessing + Devotions like a Wizard can cast Eldritch Aim + Alacrity? Besides that: most Preist spells have the same recovery as an melee attack. Not that long actually. Priests are good nukers - but it wouldn't feel right if they were better than WIzards in this case, right? Priests are for support - n
  5. I agree, while useful to the over all topic, let's not let this devolve into a Resolve argument. Can anyone confirm just how much or how often Resolve affects conversation options and skills? Also who can recommend their specific stat distribution at character creation (and later on) for a Priest of Eothas, while still making them good conversationalists (diplomacy/resolve-wise if applicable)?
  6. Yes, they're created and the Watcher is aware of this, but they are still all powerful, conscious, living entities - just as other beings are created - they're just not the alpha and omega so to speak. So the way I see it, is that a Priest worships or follows the characteristics that their God embodies - and the God is just a literal personification or embodiment of that. So a Priest could still call out to their God and strive towards (or chase) them and want answers and closure. Now in saying that I haven't finished the game and look forward to finding out what answers if any, towards t
  7. Oohh good point. However I can't bare to have a low resolve (dialogue checks/role-play. I want this as high as reasonably possible to meet most without sacrificing the practicality of this build. Resolve does practically nothing for your character. It does not affect dialogue checks, and the Deflection penalty will have minimal impact. Having a high resolve effectively gives your character -10 to -15 attribute points for practically no gameplay effect. If you want to do that for 'role-play', go ahead (I actually sympathise, believe it or not), but don't be under any illusions as
  8. Oohh good point. However I can't bare to have a low resolve (dialogue checks/role-play. I want this as high as reasonably possible to meet most without sacrificing the practicality of this build.
  9. Great feedback as usual. Thanks. I see the strengths of other Priest subs, but for role playing reasons want to stick to Priest of Eothas and if multiclassing, one that fits my character roleplay wise. So either Kind Wayfarer/Shieldbearer, or monk. Possibly Cipher 1). If single Eothas how would you build? 2). If Priest of Eothas/Monk how would you build? 3). Out of the above (or maybe Cipher), which would you then choose and why?
  10. After a long hiatus Im back and ready to play Deadfire to the end (DLCs released, hectic year over). Bumping this topic as my first proper playthrough will primarily be roleplaying. So def want Eothasian Priest - and most likely with Kind Wayfarer or 2nd choice Shieldbearer. Now that everything is 4.0, how would you ideally build this Templar...or would you even consider straight Eothasian Priest? Pour your collective wisdom on me!
  11. It took a while, but I'm liking my signed collectors edition. The statue is detailed and of good quality relative to other game statues and figures like this. The t-shirt, space pig plushie etc are also nice. I'm happy with them
  12. Awesome stuff guys, It will be good to connect the person to the item when I come across it. xD I can see that, good call. Have you found it yet? Looking forward to reading it, I'll keep it in mind
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