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Maia dialogue bug?


I don't really know if this is a bug or not but I get the feeling it might be. Ever since I initiated a romance with Tekehu, Maia will not speak to my character anymore. The last I remember was her saying something about being jealous of my character's relationship with Tekehu or something and since then whenever I try to talk to her I get the "Maia simply glares at you." as shown in the screenshot even though it says she wants to talk!



I included a screenshot and my latest savefile here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ys0pdkmol33l900/Maiabug.zip?dl=0

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Are there any updates to this?


I have just recruited Maia, and the dialogue icon for her pops up when this happens.  When I attempt to speak with her it states that "Maia simply glares at you".

I didn't sacrifice her brother in PoE1, and I can't think of any quests which I may have completed which would cause her to turn on me as soon as I've recruited her.

Any ideas on whether this is a bug that will be fixed soon? Can I edit a text doc or is there a console command for me to change my standing with her to open dialogue?


P.S. I am up to date with all patches through Steam

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