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  1. I'll buy it when it's available DRM-free. Until then, I'll just wait for Cyberpunk 2077.
  2. Well, goodbye to independence, quality and maturity. And hello to kidstuff, rushed development and dull AAA-games. It was fun knowing you, but considering the monstrosity you are joining, I'm rather certain you'll go the way of Bioware. Thanks for all the good games.
  3. Voted other. I'd like them to be a loose federation of pirates, attempting to set up a 'Free State', along the lines of New Providence in the Bahamas, during the early 18th century.
  4. Planescape: Torment Baldur's Gate I & II (Big World Mod) Shadowrun: Dragonfall (Directors Cut) Not in the top three, but still memorable would be: Darklands Fallout 2 Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magicka Obscura Dragonage: Origins Mass Effect Fallout: New Vegas Shadowrun: Hong Kong
  5. Crafting is a terrible mechanic for a number of reasons, already mentioned by a number of posters. It's tedious. It takes away the value of money. It makes it possible to optimize your characters to a ridiculous degree. It removes the joy of finding cool stuff, whether as loot or as items for sale. But the cardinal sin is that it makes it impossible to suspend disbelief. If all it takes to make a basic enchantment is some grass or leaves or whatever, then why haven't every weaponsmith or armourer done it already? It's absurd! BG2 had questcrafting, and that was all right. Still rather silly that Jon Irenicus had the Bow of Gesen but not the string, which was floating around in the Underdark somewhere. But at least, when you got the stuff together, they became cool ~unique~ items, which were on par with the best stuff you could buy or find. Personally, I preferred Lilarcor the Sentient Psychophatic Sword. (Why don't we kill somethinggg? Annnythinnnng? ) Crafting is a silly MMO mechanic. It's silly already in MMOs. It's twice as silly in a single player game. And yes, I would indeed pay towards a strectch-goal that removed it all together. In fact, when it became a strechgoal in PoE I wanted to withdraw my support. And, just as I feared, it ruined so much of the game for me.
  6. Remove it! Don't have it! Kill it with fire! Read this excellent article about why: Heroes! Don't! Craft! https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/02/29/rpgs-crafting-pc-games/
  7. There's lots of PnP RPGs that uses 6-sided die in various manners. Warhammer RolePlay 1st edition uses a six-sided die for damage rolls and percentage dice for everything else. GURPS (Genereric Universal RolePlaying System) uses six-sided dice exclusively. StarWars RPG, the original from WestEnd Games, also uses six-sided dice exclusively. Shadowrun as well. That's just the ones I remember on top of my head.
  8. Berlin in Shadowrun: Dragonfall. My favourite game of the isometric revival of the last few years. The cityscape is oozing atmosphere, decay and despair.
  9. But this is an arbitrary non-answer. What makes crafting a dealbreaker when compared to all of the other streamlined elements in videogames? Hell, even the most old-school RPGs generally let you do things like grab 5 platemails off the corpses of enemies that are double the size of your player character, and that's just one of many implausible things. If you don't enjoy crafting mechanics, that's fine, there's a ton of perfectly legitimate criticism and preferences, but you haven't done a good job justifying it, in my very humble opinion. I don't know what to say to you, that I haven't already said. In a world, where I am supposed to play an adventurer, specialising in fighting with swords or throw fireballs, how did I get the time to learn how to become a master smith? That's the first thing I dislike about crafting. How does adding a random herb to your blade make a better blade? That's the second thing I dislike about crafting. How does running around gathering all the - in my opinion ridiculous - ingredients, make for a better role playing game? That's my third critcism. 'Crafting' a sword that's on par with or better than anything you can buy or find, makes it impossible for me to suspend my disbelief. That's the fourth thing I dislike about crafting. If you saw someone rubbing a sword in stinging needles and explaining to you they were adding a secondary stinging effect to their blade, I'm rather certain you'd shake your head and walk away. Yet, for some reason or another, the majority of people who play videogames, accepts this contrived nonsense.
  10. And this is a problem because... ? A guarantied way to make crafting worse is to make it real-time. I don't want to leave my computer on for ten years to get a master crafted sword. It's a problem for me, because it kills the fun and makes the whole game feel silly and contrived. And the answer is simple: Get rid of it!
  11. I agree with those who dislike crafting in RPGs. I play an adventurer. Not a craftsman. Making a good blade takes weeks in real life, yet in most games you 'craft' one, using silly 'ingredients' in a few minutes. The stupid crafting system in PoE killed so much joy for me. Kill it with fire! Level scaling is another deplorable feature. Awful mechanic that makes character progression pointless. And finally voiceacting. Listening to the same twenty actors pretending to be hundreds or even thosands of people is cringeworthy. Even more so when twenty people attempt to sound like they are a crowd of thousands. Yuck!
  12. Didn't you get the memo? Anyone that doesn't praise a game you like is a troll and must be told to go back to playing a game you dislike. :grin: No, I must've missed that. Sorry.
  13. I give this troll a 6/10. Go back to Dragon Age "bro". A very constructive reply to someone who put thought and time into his criticism. I give your reply 1/10.
  14. Oh, but this is a dream come true if it is funded and turns out well. The Seventh Sea is one of the finest table top RPGs to ever see the light of day. Unfortunately published towards the twilight days of PnP rpgs, it was never met with great commercial succes. But apparantly they got it going again as a kickstarter project, which I've got to look into as well. Imagine a cross between Pirates! and Warhammer RPG and you've got a good idea about the setting. So, when I stumbled across this, I decided to drop a post here, in the vain hope that we can get this thing off the ground and going. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1861515217/voyage-of-fortunes-star-a-7th-sea-crpg?ref=project_page_recs Fantasy pirates in a grim and dark world? What's not to love!
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