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  1. My unpainted minis arrived on the weekend - im in Europe. ) Generally they look ok, but I was hoping for a little more detail on metal minis - as even Reaper Bones look slightly better. :-/
  2. With the first DLC approaching and two more in the pipeline, will the XP gain from quests, traps etc be rebalanced? As it stands, leveling up feels quite fast already.
  3. Same for me. Game was running fine before the patch, but now I'm experiencing a slight stutter as well.
  4. The full patch is 1.8 GB, so far the downloadable file on GOG is only about 570mb. give it a day and the patch will be there fully functional as well )
  5. If you don't hide Wael's scroll in PoE but return it instead, he will be quite pissed during a later conversation in Deadfire, taking ALL your scrolls away. I literally lost roughly a hundred scrolls that I planned on selling "next time Im in town".
  6. There is a mech-dragon in Ukaizo? Just finished the game and apart from two Engwithan statues and a pirate gang nobody opposed me. Did a bug just strip me of the final boss? the hell...
  7. maby its on gog galaxy (not using it) but regular gog installers are not available EDIT: There it is! :_)
  8. Same situation here. Refreshing didn't change anything. Alas it will all work out. )
  9. Best thing is still DMing 8hour sessions D&D for my friends. If you're asking cRPGs, darn there are so many to choose from. I'll try. 1. BG 2 2. Gothic Series (no Risen) 3. Vampire Bloodlines 4. PoE 5. Deus Ex (original) 6. BG 1 (incl SoD) 7. Witcher 3 8. IWD 1+2 9. NWN 2 10. Morrowind 11. Witcher 1 .... still trying to get into Shadowrun, but somehow it just doesn't grab my attention. Same goes for Planescape Torment strangely.
  10. hm....full VO Noober... BG would have been a different and better game :-D But seriously, I'm not bothered by VO at all. In fact in generally like the idea, even though I do read much faster, but so what. Sometimes it is nice to just sit back, just enjoy the story let the atmosphere sink in, emerce myself a bit more, and should it actually annoy me I can always switch voices off. Don't see any problem here.
  11. The email they sent unfortunately states: Please note, this promotion is only available on Steam Ah, didn't get an email, but nothing prevents Obsidian from adding the items to GOG via a free mini DLC later on. As of now however, its slightly disappointing.
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