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Found 13 results

  1. The trapped chest that holds the Journal of the High Abbot bugged out and became un-interactable after removing the trap. When I hit the tab key, the chest does not glow. That is going to make it tough to complete the main quest in The White March: Part 2. It looks like disarming the trap (difficulty 13) causes the bug. Triggering the trap instead leaves the chest interactable.
  2. hey I am on the Quest: Signal Point in Space I have done what I needed to do, all I have to do now is return to Sophia... but she is not there.What can I do? this is a main story mission Thank you
  3. I am unsure if anyone else experienced this as I didn't find it. First, I 'completed' The Distress Signal quest. Quotations because I tried to attempt this in different combinations and got the same result no matter what. I could lie about a tech turn in with LIE and SCIENCE, turn in the other 2 secrets to finish the quest. But wait, that's 3 secrets given to Gladys - I don't get the NavKey and I prefer NOT to spend 10k bits... Reload. Try again, this time DON'T lie. All 3 secrets turned in. Still no NavKey... Well I already slaughtered everybody in one universe, may as well kill her to get frustrations out. Reload. Tried again, selecting different dialog options to help out on selling one tech (where you don't lie), then the other 2 secrets. Still no Navkey... Reload. Writing up a bug report because it seems like I have no choice but to spend the 10k bits for the key, despite doing her quest for her... I'm starting to think to turn it in to the corporation since I am getting nothing but her reputation and money.. Why do that when I can get corporate reputation and money instead? Better deal with them than her (Well, I don't know money-wise, something I can look up though). Maybe through some cheesing I can steal the NavKey, that may be the only choice I may have - perhaps buying a respec just to get past this then buying another respec to undo it. Waste of bits but most likely less than 10k. Luckily the game doesn't make money hard to get. Also: I did restart the game but it didn't fix it. Forgot to mention that as I reloaded several times.
  4. I’m in Tartarus trying to complete this main quest and currently I’m in Tartarus the pit floor 2. When I try to open this door to enter through the next area with the human and robot my game freezes and crashes immediately. The only way to prevent this crash that I’ve found is by shooting the people within this room. The weapons I currently have equipped are vortex ultra mace, the vermin 2, tactical shotgun 2, and dead eye assault rifle 2.
  5. Game constantly crashes at first elevator descent at Tartarus. I tried this three times and the game crashed at all three times at the same spot. P.S. Love this game!
  6. I have encountered a major plot progression issue regarding getting an invitation for the DUC from the Knights of the Crucible. I have a save before that and 1 showing it, but you only need the one showing it I think Where as far as I can see, there is no way to complete this quest and thus progress the main plot in this save state. (But if you find a work-around, please tell me.. though I will simply throw this save away and reload) This can happen when you have these 2 quests active (with exactly these states) at the same time... Winds of Steel - Research Given to Courier, Courier dead during fight - Quest not reported to Commander Clyver Invitation Quest -> Only "good standing" with crucible knights -> But Dialog with Clyver loops infinitely and the dialog choices are not going to next quest step because his "directive" (Winds of Steel) is not completed Save (Standing right in front of him with the infinite looping and very very weird dialog a click away) http://www.mediafire.com/download/t84jjmhpo7v6jha/e6f43dbc06824c1c981e0bc38ad015b9_13516728_CrucibleKeep.zip Also worth noting, before I went to the crucible knights, but after getting the invitation quest, there was 1 hostile Metal Knight Automata and 3 dead bodies in front of the keep. With nobody even acknowledging this after battle. So yeah... I have a save around 15 minutes before getting the invitation quest thankfully so I am not entirely stuck, but someone else might not be so lucky. So I hope this is the right way to report this kind of bug.
  7. I was playing second playthrough. Not long after I entered Defiance Bay and Act II, suddenly I realized that my main quest has not been updated since Caed Nua. It was the quest named 'Old Watcher' and it said I should confront the watcher whose name I forgot. Of course, I already met him and killed him so that I could repair the eastern tower so I can get to Defiance Bay. Actually, main quest proceed with almost no trouble. I met Woedica's ghost follower at the First Fire and he directed me to the sewer. However, journal doesn't get updated and more importantly, I do not get any reward from the main quest. Concerning side quests, their journal updated normally and I get rewards normally, too. I already tried console command that force-proceed the quest progress with IE mod installed, but it didn't do anything on the main quest while the console command do its job on the side quests. I suppose it is because my main quest 'The Old Watcher' is already completed in my flags. Maybe I can just play with intuition to complete the second playthrough's main quest and fill the lacking XP from more side quests (another difficulty increase mode for myself, I guess), but the bug is quite unsettling and I want to fix it if there is a known solution.
  8. Sooo, I am in a tricky situation and I'd like some experienced players' insight. Spoilers ahead and all that. So, I visited Ondra's Gift before Brackenbury District and I reached the Vailian Trading Company. My aim was to get Pallegina. I got the quest "At All Costs". I have no interaction with House Doemenel up to this point. I've found that letter about the jewel theft but I have not showed it to anyone yet. Well, I went back to Copperlane District, at the inn, and now I know I will encounter Danna. I want to kill her, preferably in the Inn, I know I will fight her angry boyfriend later, I will also kill Verzano for putting me into this mess later, most likely. The problem is, I will get negative reputation with the Doemenels, does this mean I will not be able to visit them in "neutral" terms, do their first quest "A Two Story Job"? I want to open up their merchant, obviously. And I know there is also another side quest they give, not to mention the 2nd main quest to get an invitation to the Animancy hearings. Will killing Danna Doemenel or even opposing her block my access to all these? Or do I still have my chance, by using that letter I found? Actually, what if I kill Danna and also give the letter to the rival house of the Doemenels, do I still have the option to join the Doemenels' side then?
  9. Description: I can't progress in the Sanitarium main quest. I've talk to everyone in here. The statue and Audmer: no talking options remaining, neither of them give me access to the locked rooms in the basement. Bellasege: I went to her first a while ago and talked to her about Aloth. She made an experiment, I stole the notes, and now she won't talk again. Finally, Moedred, who talks to me about his research but won't give me any access either. The north east and north doors are locked, I need a key or a permission to access. Steps: - I went to Bellasege first, talked to her about Aloth and stole the notes - Then i went to the statue, talked to him about everything I could - Then Audmer , same, and finally Moedred. Files: Save file and system specs: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7DzA5ZeYCAkfkJIS0xVVVVPb2ZpNV9DV25DLV83SUxrdkt6X3FTbWpxQzdxdERITkczUzA&usp=sharing
  10. Head Warden Ethelmoer (stone statue) Sanitarium - Brackenbury interview Gram in the north ward Dear developers! A game breaking main quest bug occured to me, preventing me to continue my game. The quest i am talking about is: "The man who waits" DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  11. I just finished the hadret house quest, I've witnessed the assassination of Aevar and went back to find Lady Webb slain by thaos. After talking to her soul, the game fails to load the next screen and I can't go on with the game. Please help ç_ç
  12. Dear developers! A game breaking main quest bug occured to me, preventing me to continue my game. The quest i am talking about is: "The man who waits" When i got this quest, i traveled to the sanitarium. Head Warden Ethelmoer (stone statue) asked me to search for clues downstairs. I went down, and i saw, that the door was open. At this point i have left the sanitarium to do sidequests first (i prefer to do them first in any rpg game, for completionism). When i have returned (days later), i noticed the quest have improved in the quest log (see the attached picture), without me doing anything in that matter. So i talked to the head warden upstairs, who wants me to interwiev Gram in the north wards now. So i proceeded without doing anything, who cares you might say. Well i was thinking that myself too, but when i went down the door, that was open days ago is now closed. It needs a key, that i dont have. When i try to talk to the head warden, its not reacting in any way to me. So i am stuck on this level. I have completed everything i could find otherwise days ago (including the other 2 main quest i had). I was checking in in daily basis, to see if the problem is gone. This bug occured to me before 1.04, if i am correct that patch is alive now. The bug however still exists. I saw and replied in other posts in the same matter, so i am not the only one with this problem. So i am bored waiting, please do something! output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  13. Hi there, I can't progress the main quest. I am at the point where you need to pick a faction to get an audience with the duc. I want to go with the Knights and have already completed Built to Last, but I can't pick them, because Clyver keeps moaning that I'm chummy with the Dozens and he wants nothing to do with me - only thing is, I've only done Rogue Knight for the Dozens and thats it. I wanted to make sure that it wasn't infact some obscure choice I made that was preventing me from progressing by giving me too much reputation with the Dozens (which is quite high in fact, very strange), so I cheated and lowered the reputation. Tried multiple times, made it negative, you name it. Clyver kept saying I was chummy with them though. Another possibility is of course that it's not a straight up reputation check, but some bool somewhere is positive where it should be negative, or vice versa. I can't see what though. Hopefully there's some way to fix this, because I don't want to be forced to choose the other factions and I don't want to replay 20 hours, assuming I still have a save from before I hit Defiance Bay.
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