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Found 3 results

  1. Description: At the end of the quest "The Man Who Waits," the wicht enemies do not always appear. After talking to the patient who triggers the final battle of this quest, a cutscene plays, and several enemies enter the room you are in (crazed patients and flesh constructs). After clearing this battle, you can proceed back through the main, large room in the middle of the map with tables. In this room there are now supposed to be several wicht enemies. However, these enemies do not always appear, and instead the only enemies are the flesh constructs guarding various points on the map. Aside from having fewer enemies on the map, this issue does not seem to affect anything else. Steps to reproduce: When I initially played through this area, I entered the map, triggered the final battle for "The Man Who Waits," and then went into the main room with the wichts all in one go without saving and reloading. There were wichts in the room, as there should have been. However, I then reloaded to a save directly before speaking to the patient who triggers the cutscene that starts the final battle (this save is included in the .zip file). After clearing that battle, I went into the main hall and found it completely empty (no wichts, no neutral NPCs) except for a lootable guard corpse. I loaded from that same save at least 3 more times (4 in total), and each time I did, there were no wichts in the main room. Steps: 1) Load the earlier save of the two I have attached 2) Talk to the patient and trigger the cutscene 3) Defeat all enemies in that room 4) Walk back to the large room in the middle of the map where all of the patients were previously and where there should now be wichts. There will be no enemies. The second save I have attached is from after the battle triggered by talking to the patient. Files: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/51501711/NoWichts.zip Let me know if you need any more information! Thanks!
  2. Description: I can't progress in the Sanitarium main quest. I've talk to everyone in here. The statue and Audmer: no talking options remaining, neither of them give me access to the locked rooms in the basement. Bellasege: I went to her first a while ago and talked to her about Aloth. She made an experiment, I stole the notes, and now she won't talk again. Finally, Moedred, who talks to me about his research but won't give me any access either. The north east and north doors are locked, I need a key or a permission to access. Steps: - I went to Bellasege first, talked to her about Aloth and stole the notes - Then i went to the statue, talked to him about everything I could - Then Audmer , same, and finally Moedred. Files: Save file and system specs: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7DzA5ZeYCAkfkJIS0xVVVVPb2ZpNV9DV25DLV83SUxrdkt6X3FTbWpxQzdxdERITkczUzA&usp=sharing
  3. So I just finished the quest for The Man Who Waits. After you talk to the kid in the call, and he starts the fight with all the patients. I win, I go to Azo and tell him I'll expose him and he attacks me so I kill him as well. Problem is, when I go back up to the first floor, the entire place is hostile against me, causing me to kill the animancers and lose reputation with defiance bay, also the headmaster's statue wont talk to me anymore. Is this intentional or a bug? EDIT- ugh never mind, I saw there was another thread on this. Apperantly talking to Azo before killing all the golems triggers this for some reason? And my only save earlier to that is 2 hours ago I guess this thread can be closed, sorry for not checking first
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