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  1. If you can't decide, rotate the companions and even sidekicks. Everyone can add something interesting eventually. And you can choose the recommended companions when checking the quests in the journal. I usually like to stick with a set or main party, but i'll probably do just that and rotate at least 1 spot. If only we had a 6 member party
  2. so far after that fight and the one in the training arena against the skeletons(in the dig site as well) other fights were much more manageable. Now the real difficulty is who to include in the party?!
  3. But then you skip out on story and Aloth. Anyway, glad to say i finally managed to beat that fight. Onwards!
  4. Its nice to know this is just a particularly difficult area and I'm not losing my touch ) I'm probably not gonna hire custom NPCs from the tavern, i just prefer to use "real" NPCs. Thanks for all the help guys.
  5. So you see every other post how people complain the game is way too easy even on POTD level scaled up only etc... I recently restarted my game on Hard level scaled up, after quitting my POTD game when the game originally released. Both because i was waiting for multitude of bug fixes and frankly, i was finding it to be too difficult. Now I'm only at the beginning, just reached the engwithian digsight at the start, but already facing problems in a simple fight that is the panthers and the young drake you find in the center of the arena. My PC is a wizard (single class no subclass), i h
  6. So I'm wondering if i missed something big when picking a beguiler subclass for my cipher(Hierophant build) Regarding this: Soul Whip provides less bonus damage and reduced Focus against targets that are not vulnerable to Sneak Attack What qualifies vulnerable to Sneak Attack? Only when im hidden? And in open combat it doesn't apply meaning I'm getting the disadvantage throughout the fight?
  7. I actually use this multiclass to max CC and ability use. I use the wizard's spells, mostly starting with chill fog/slicken for 1st level or starting with whispers of treason , then i have miasma of dull mindedness or bewildering spectacle on 2nd level. 3rd level i just recently got to, and i took Arduous Delay of Motion and Arcane Dampener. When i spent my wizard spells, i got into cipher CC and some dmg spells. ie soul shock, more whispers of treason, eyestrike and most recently mental binding. I think it works pretty well. Unless im missing something completely here?
  8. I play a Wizard/Cipher. I think the cipher abilities working on Focus complements the wizard well, in that if you use out your spell slots for the fight, you can still get Cipher spells via focus and keep on casing.
  9. It makes no sense to replace party members on the fly. What if you're in some dank cave somewhere miles below the earth? No reasonable way to suddenly replace party members. Same for fast travel, im glad its not in this game. Not sure how to say it, but it ...grounds it more into the experience?...
  10. Yes i did rest, so the cage is gone.... Is there any negative impact by going through (literally) the pirates? am i missing out on quests or something that i would have gotten by going there another way? I might just have to reload an older save before i got down there at this point,....
  11. Hope this is in the right place, the point of this is not for spoilers or any plot point. But beware if you haven't been down to the old city yet from the Gullet. So.... I went down in the cage, i finished the first map, then went south west, finished that map(dont remember its name). At that point, i can either go north to Old City, or south through the pirate cove, but I'm trying to get out of there now altogether. From the pirate cove, seems i can't get out without a fight, and in the old city map up north, i haven't explored it all yet but i can't seem to find an exit? I'm not
  12. I may be opening a pandora's box here, but i wanted to get some tips and ideas on my party build, and see if I'm doing anything wrong. I'm not a min/maxer, and a lot of times i feel like i'm missing crucial system behavior. First my character: Wizard (no subclass) / Cipher (beguiler) Took no wiz subclass because the penalties seem to out way the bonuses by way too much. I use a lot of CC spells, some dmg. Cipher - took beguiler for the buff in the deception abilities for a lot of CC. But I may have misunderstood the whole sneak attack thing? What does sneak attack vulnerable means?
  13. So I'm only about a 2-3 of hours into the game(the ruins you first get sent to from Maje) and so far i'm already noticing signs that it looks like maybe the difficulty isn't enough for me? I'm playing on Veteran, because i was worried POTD would be too difficult, i like a challenge but i don't want to redo every fight 5 times. On Tyranny i played hard mode and about half way through the game every fight became a breeze, which was a bit of a bummer even though the game itself was still amazing and combat was fun. Now i heard POTD is unbalanced currently, but is it like a weird balancin
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