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  1. I like Cipher and I like Wizard, but does this multi-class actually work? If you're casting wizard spells, you are not attacking, so you are not building up focus, but if you are attacking and building focus and casting cipher spells, where do the wizard spells come in? What is the play pattern of this multi-class supposed to be?
  2. Specially late game. 2 Ciphers just really complete each other. Here are some really cool things that only 2 Ciphers can do: 1) They can use double Ectopsychic Echo to melt someone who stands between them. 2) They can give each other Reaping knives to build focus super fast, not only because Raw damage weapons are the best kind of weapon for building focus, but also because they give each other extra focus on top of that. 3) They can both give each other a free Empower if you take Ancestor's Honor. 4) Death of 1,000 cuts which melts bosses gets extra damage from Shred powers, which 2 Ciphers can combo well together. Cipher+Cipher=Fun.
  3. I am interested in how much power level matters, because from what I have seen the Nature Godlike can get a +2 power level for example, which was the difference in power level between single and multi classes. What other things grant power level, how far could those be stacked?
  4. You know how ciphers get their focus - by shredding and draining other peoples souls, it's not exactly a nice process. You want to drain yourself, you will have to pay with HP for your powers.
  5. I didn't, since in Dragon age magic doesn't need any verbal or somatic components to be performed, those guys to me just looked silly.
  6. Download F.lux - it's a free app that reduces the amount of blue light from your screen and puts less strain on your eyes, levels are customization.
  7. Grimoires are different in POE2. You cant select any of the spells in them and they will contain less spells than the POE1. They wont be full of spells like your ending spell book in POE1. We will see if there will be some kind of exception like a quest related grimoire that lets you customize it or something but otherwise until we know they are restricted. To expand on this... wizards can cast spells learned at level-up regardless having a grimoire or not. Grimoires they find will have a couple of spells per level, and the wizard can cast those as well, if equipped. But the wizard cannot edit or learn permanently from the grimoire. I thought wizards needed a grimoire because the spells are too physically demanding to cast without one. Wizards got a power boost, or a retcon?
  8. It looks like right now all abilities/talents/spells are selected as one per level and they are all equivalent in the since that you select them one per level with no alternating like in POE1 Cool, that's a lot of flexibility. I remember when I played Cipher I had a bunch of extra powers that I never used since there were other powers that were much better that I would rather spend power points on, but I had to pick those powers anyway because I was forced to have a certain number of powers. I guess now I can take some extra cool talents instead.
  9. Did I understand right that now all classes choose spells OR talents and the two became the same category?
  10. ''Soul Blade - Offensive cipher that can dump Focus into a Soul Annihilation melee attack for extra Raw damage. Shred powers have reduced Focus cost. Lower Max Focus'' What are Shred powers?
  11. You can't do this, either they have yet to code against that, or they haven't finalized the UI elements. Hm, I wonder who is Gadandag then.
  12. What confused me in the video is the fact that you can multiclass into the same class. When Josh picked a Monk he could pick Monk again as the second class option and the Monk/Monk Multiclass was called Gadandag. My only guess is that it is a feature that lets you pick 2 sub classes of the same class, but I'm really not sure.
  13. In every single dialogue there should be an option that indicates that the character is emotionally ok with the situation.
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