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  1. Yes, and this is the main problem with my suggestion. No company wants to add a feature to their game that could be percieved as 'bad' and not up to par with the rest of the product. And there's no good way to explain it to all the players why it's there. One possible solution to this would be to make it an option that you have to switch on manually from the settings panel or if that's not enough - make it into a small patch addon that you have on your website, and anyone who wants the feature can just download it for himself. All in all it is kind of a big risk on their part and it's understandable if they don't want to do it. And I'm sure there will be more/ better voice acting in the second game. But it is worth considering that all the people who put down the game, because - "there was too much reading for me", if you can bring back 10-20% of those people with this optional thing, then I call that a win.
  2. Hey, Really love the first PoE game. I think the writing was amazing which is so rare to see in RPG games nowadays. However I would like to suggest something and excuse me if this was already commented on. If having everything with voice over by pro actors is not within budget - obviously that's expensive, could we just have an option next to the text to click and have someone (anyone) just read out the line with just a plain reading voice. I like reading even more than the next guy, but I find reading on a computer monitor really straining on my eyes and I already get a lot of that since I'm a digital artist. So just any option to let me hear the text would be very appreciated. Thanks!
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