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  1. What I read in the other thread(s) was that there are at least two... maybe three separate issues: 1) Neutral NPCs turning hostile to the player 1a) Possibly linked to the above, neutral NPCs not being removed from the basement map at the end of the quest and being attacked by the now hostile flesh constructs (possibly what turns the remaining NPCs hostile to you) 2) Wichts not spawning in the basement 2a) Enemies spawning, but in bugged positions (default T-pose) Either way, as an addendum, I loaded up my second save game from the OP to test something further. After winning the bat
  2. Description: At the end of the quest "The Man Who Waits," the wicht enemies do not always appear. After talking to the patient who triggers the final battle of this quest, a cutscene plays, and several enemies enter the room you are in (crazed patients and flesh constructs). After clearing this battle, you can proceed back through the main, large room in the middle of the map with tables. In this room there are now supposed to be several wicht enemies. However, these enemies do not always appear, and instead the only enemies are the flesh constructs guarding various points on the map.
  3. Respeccing doesn't have anything to do with the "choices must have consequences" game design philosophy. The latter refers to narrative consequences, which isn't affected by the mechanical choices of character build (aside from maybe skill points, but that's all). Taking a talent that lets you engage one additional enemy at a time instead of a talent that lets you do extra damage helps flesh out your character build and says something about the character (i.e. that he is more focused on protecting his allies than being a butcher on the battlefield), but it doesn't have any narrative consequenc
  4. I feel you, man. I gave the beta a try for the first time the other day and, given my experience with cRPGs and pen-and-paper 4e D&D, I figured I would start on Hard difficulty. Trembling with excitement as I found myself on the precipice of my first combat encounter in the game, it went a little something like this: "Yes! LET'S BATTLE!" *several seconds pass* "Okay! All my guys are down! ... GG, fellows!" Every other battle went like that, too. I figured that it was because I'm not familiar with the idiosyncracies of this particular game, but given how badly everything was
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