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  1. So as of patch 1.04 I noticed that after I enchanted my weapons with burning lash, even if i swap to new weapons without said enchantment they still have the fire FX glow on them no matter what. Didn't know if this was a known bug or not.
  2. Thanks for your commitment as always. I am curious to know what early loot-table the Blunderbuss was on though. Don't think I ever ran across it.
  3. Sheesh, after all this I hope we can get these interface mods at least partially working with the game. I really like the work you've been showing us.
  4. Bah, I will just re-roll until I have at least 100 points to spend on abilities and then......oh wait.
  5. I am......sorry for your loss? It's at times like these you have to remember that video games are a privelage, not a right. Life gets in the way and sometimes it leads us to outcomes that just don't sit well with us. But I bet maybe, JUST maybe if you try really hard and ask really nicely there may be a saint out there who would be willing to sell you his collectors edition. It may be at a slight premium, but it's better than the outrageous markup one might see elsewhere. Best of luck.
  6. While all those items presented on that list aren't a big deal for myself, What I am (not) waiting for are the complaints from the thousands and thousands of people who haven't been keeping up with development and haven't experienced what the game truly plays like yet. So many other forums I see people talking about this game claiming it will be "just like BG1/2 and ID, and it's going to play just like it!" Boy are they in for a rude awakening.
  7. A......beautiful map to display somewhere? I bet quite a few peoples still have their cloth maps from BG, ID, and other RPGs just sitting around. ...............I know I do.
  8. I want a beetle cheat, where the entire party becomes beetles. Game should have been called Beetles of Eternity.
  9. Suspension of disbelief has always worked well for me in any debate I have with another over the matter. Everyone has their tipping point on how far down the rabbit hole they want to go in believing what is "probable" in a given setting.
  10. Didn't read every single reply but in the reviewers little defense they have, you do have to pause quite a lot in battle I have noticed. A bit more than I care for so far. Maybe as time goes on, or in PoE2/3/6/alpha-12 we will see you be bale to queue up multiple actions/tactics so that you don't have to pause after every single round or face annihilation.
  11. Personally It doesn't matter too much to me. For some reason I love the "big-picture" story in RPGs but when it comes down to companion stories I never care much for any of them.
  12. I believe certain areas have a chance for rain to appear. I don't think we will see snow or bad storms unless a specific area calls for it though.
  13. The expansion is beetles. Nothing but beetles and beetles and more beetles. Venture into Beetle cave and explore Beetle city while taking a nice stroll along Beetle coast.
  14. I really don't have too much say in the matter as I just want the game ASAP. Time to slay some beetles!
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