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  1. As tile , Did they ever mentioned it ? To consider future MOD support possibility , if steam version has support Workshop , i may have to give up GOG version, Can someone advise it~
  2. Sounds Good .. But how about after first , second , third expansion packs .. I ever done the same thing for baldur's gate 1/2 EE version , but i just figure out you will always get new contents from nice game, Reserve more money for future update contents which will be more wise for this wallet ,
  3. I prefer expasion pack only which enhance system technical effects and plus plenty of contents, For DLC i only can accept new characters contain additonal storyline and new armours , missions ,
  4. Thanks for the comments! For certain area , it's because of considering game running performance or there are any tech hazard for design? It would be much fun for variable change in the weather,
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